DETROIT ? Asterand, the Detroit-based tissue banking company, has been voted one of the top ten places for scientists to work in an international survey by Scientist magazine, the second year in a row Asterand has made the list.

The survey was of 30,000 readers in 21 countries who were asked to complete an email questionnaire. The detailed questionnaire covered 11 major topics including the research environment, internal communications, job satisfaction, training and development, integrity, remuneration and benefits and location. The results were published in the June 6 issue of the Scientist.

?We are proud of the diversity of a team, who apart from being highly skilled- represent over 13 different nationalities and speak 15 languages,? said Asterand CEO Randal Charlton. ?Our multicultural staff makes it relatively easy for us to operate internationally. Many of the Asterand team have been recruited from Wayne State University as well as other universities and employers in Southeast Michigan.?

Charlton, the chairman of MichBio, Michigan?s life sciences trade association, said he believes his company?s Detroit location has been a big factor in helping the company maintain its top ten ranking.

?In August of last year we became the anchor tenants of a high tech building known as Techone on the campus of Wayne State University. The building was renovated by the university at a cost of $12 million and we have been provided with state-of?the-art facilities to grow our company.?

Asterand has increased its revenues by 300 per cent every year of its five-year existence and added one new job a month.

?The key to the company?s growth is its people and the core set of values we are developing as a team,? Charlton said. ?We are not wedded to any one invention or product, rather we are setting out to provide the world of medical research with the basic research materials and services they need- whatever that may be. We will not come up with the cure for cancer but we will help everyone who is looking.?