M2 Techcast: Cannabis Legal Group, Industry Association, Stock Predictions, Leaders Night

ROYAL OAK - Barton Morris, founder of the Cannabis Legal Group, roadside oral fluid testing pilot program. Ryan Basore has launched a line of cannabis products called Redemption, and helped launch the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. Ken Harrell, Michigan's most notable cannabis stock market expert, will discuss the 2020 Cannabis stock outlook. Finally Rick Thompson,

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Supported Intelligence, Cyber Patriot, Great Lakes Hemp Supplements, MILegalize

ROYAL OAK – On M2 Techcast Nov. 4 – Now MITech TV – Economist Patrick Anderson will announce his Artificial Intelligence company, Supported Intelligence, has been awarded a patent. Chris Sorensen will explain the Cyber Patriot program. Michael Thue of Great Lakes Hemp Supplements updates his Traverse City CBD products. Finally, Jamie Lowell, a Board

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Cannabis Expert Rick Thompson To Co-Host M2 Techcast In November

ROYAL OAK – M2 Techcast, a live Internet TV show focused on business, technology and now the Cannabis business, will have a guest host in November – Rick Thompson, owner of the Cannabis Business Development Group, and radio show host of Jazz Cabbage Café. Rick Thompson Our regular co-host, Matt Roush, formerly editor of the

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Cybersecurity Threats, TEDX, LTU Updates, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist On Future Of Mobility

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Monday Oct. 21, Dan Lohrmann asks, "Are you ok with the topic: Shadow IT: A Business Risk or Competitive Advantage?" Terry Bean provides details on the TEDX November conference he is co-hosting.  Matt Roush updates the latest happenings at his day job, Lawrence Technological University. Finally, Lt. Gov. Garlin

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Updates: Diva Tech Talk, MCWT, Comcast, Cannabis Conferences, 123Net Network Growth

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Oct. 14 - now MITech TV - Kathleen Norton-Schock update what’s happening with Diva Tech Talk and Michigan Council of Women In Technology. Michelle Gilbert updates the latest products and services from Comcast. Anthony Sabatella updates two recent Cannabis business conferences. Noah Lessaris will update 123Net’s Data Center Expansion

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Detroit Influencers, Cyber Challenge, Cannabis Insurance, Benzinga Conference

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Oct. 7, Attorney Enrico Schaefer will talk about how Detroit has become a Hot influencer market. Kevin Hayes, Merit's CISO, will discuss the top 10 finalists named in the Governor’s High School Cyber Challenge. Amanda Kugler, Manager of The Roots, will explain the different types of insurance products available

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More Golf, Cannabis Conference, Cannabis Water Treatment, Mobility Mondays

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast - Now MITech TV - Bruce Sizemore CEO of More Golf, talks about his Michigan-based speciality golf club manufacturing company. Thomas Tong talks about his Michigan Commercial Cannabis Conference in Detroit Oct. 11-12. Kyle Lisbeth explains the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system for Cannabis businesses.  Dan Keelan, publisher of

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Cannabusiness Seminar, Securatech, Griffin Secure Transport, Sensi Park Update

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Sept. 16, Attorney Travis Coperhaver from the Cannabis Legal Group will highlight their upcoming seminar “Cultivating A Successful Cannabusiness.” Rudy Patros Sr., owner of Securatech, will discuss setting up a secure grow facility. Gene Simon, owner of Griffin Secure Transport, provides details on his Cannabis transportation business. Steven Bratic

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Backstage Capital, Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference, Pros And Cons Of Open Source Software

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Sept. 9 - Now MITech TV - Monica Wheat, Managing Director Backstage Capital, updates progress at her accelerator. Michelle Richards, Executive Director Great Lakes Women’s Business Council, provides details on her September conference. Russell Gelvin, an Attorney for Traverse Legal, will talks about the pros and cons of using

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C3 Industries, Detroit FinTech Bay, MIVideoStudio, LTU Update

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Aug. 26, Joel Ruggiero, co-founder and chief horticulturist of C3 Industries, will announce 20 cannabis dispensaries statewide. Maissan Almaskati, chief executive officer of the FinTech Consortium in the United States, will explain the partnership with TechTown. David Simon, co-founder of MIVideoStudio.Com, explains how the Video-as-a-Service platform allows clients to

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