Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. STEAM is designed to integrate STEM subjects and the art of design in the classroom. These programs aim to teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their mathematics and science base.

Michigan Science Center Lands Sun, Earth, Universe – NASA, NISE Production

DETROIT - A new exhibition has landed at the Michigan Science Center Sun, Earth, Universe, a collaboration between NASA and the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Net), is designed to engage audiences in the awe-inspiring fields of Earth and space science and reinforces MiSci’s commitment to aerospace education. MiSci is one of 52 locations

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Michigan Science Center Offers Free Admission Days This Winter

DETROIT - The Michigan Science Center is ready to inspire curious minds of all ages with free general admission days this winter. General admission includes access to more than 250 amazing hands-on exhibits, live stage shows, Spark!Lab from the Smithsonian, Kids Town gallery, STEM Playground space and more, including MiSci’s newest exhibition - Sun, Earth,

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January 2018 Michigan Meteor Provides Trove Of Scientific Insights

ANN ARBOR — On the night of Jan. 16, a meteor burst in the skies over Michigan, producing a fireball that was seen by people across seven U.S. states and in the Canadian province of Ontario. More than 600 sightings of the fireball were reported, along with reports of shaking and thunder-like rumbling. Numerous fragments

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Marburger STEM Center Update With Executive Director Collins

ROYAL OAK - What is the Marburger STEM Center at Lawrence Technological University? Executive Director Sibrina Collins explains in this segment of M2 Techcast. In September, the STEM Center celebrates is third anniversary. It was founded with a $20 million donation from Microsoft co-founder Steve Ballmer, who once took classes at LTU when he was

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AccelerateKID Educates Young Folks On STEAM Subjects, Provides Summer Camps

ROYAL OAK - AccelerateKID is an organization that educates young kids on subjects related to STEAM, while offering summer camps, classes, and clubs every month at locations in Wixom and Madison Heights, not to mention partners all around metro Detroit that offers workshops. Founder Thanh Tran provides all the details in this segment of M2

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Michigan Science Center CEO Matthews Leaves STEM-Hub; Replaced By COO

DETROIT - Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of the Michigan Science Center, has left the downtown Detroit STEM-hub to pursue other opportunities in the STEM community.  Matthews was the facility’s first full-time CEO. Her departure is effective immediately and current COO, John Anderson has become acting CEO on an interim basis while the board of

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LTU Faculty Publishes Paper On Movie Black Panther’s Vibranium On The Periodic Table

SOUTHFIELD – In the movie “Black Panther,” the fictional element called vibranium has amazing chemical and physical properties. But a chemist would want to know – where would it go on the Periodic Table of the Elements? Two faculty members at Lawrence Technological University have just had an academic paper published that has a bit

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Winning Futures Awards $30,000 To 20 Metro Detroit High School Students

DETROIT - Winning Futures awarded Wednesday a total of $30,000 to 20 local high schoolers and recognized 19 local business professionals who are enrolled in the Winning Futures’ life skills and workforce preparation mentoring program. Seven local business professionals received a Mentor of the Year Award for their exemplary mentoring service. Lee Ellen Kerr (Goodrich,

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Record 700,000 Plus Michigan Workers Employed In Advanced Manufacturing Jobs

DETROIT – Advanced manufacturing employment in Michigan reached new heights in 2018 with more than 700,000 workers employed – the greatest employment level since 2006. This according to a new report from Detroit-based LIFT—Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, a Manufacturing USA institute.  The quarterly reports, highlighting employment trends, top jobs, and required skills in advanced manufacturing

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20 Local High School Students To Receive $30,000 In Winning Futures Awards Celebration

WARREN - Twenty local high school students will receive scholarships totaling $30,000 and 20 volunteer mentors will be recognized for their outstanding dedication and service at the Winning Futures Awards Celebration, June 7 at the Venetian Club in Madison Heights. Attendance is by invitation only. Winning Futures empowers youth to succeed through in-class mentoring, strategic

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