Canton Clinical Trial Software Provider Rolls Out Anonymization Tool

CANTON TWP.—TrialAssure, developers of clinical trial management software, announced a limited release of a new product, Anonymize R, a document anonymization software that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to protect patient privacy by automatically finding and removing personal information from text. TrialAssure’s newest addition to its transparency suite, Anonymize R, is

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LLamasoft Names Chief Product Officer

ANN ARBOR–LLamasoft, a developer of supply chain design and decision-making software, announced the appointment of Karthik Mani as executive vice president and chief product officer. In this new role, Mani will lead LLamasoft’s global product development organization to define the company’s product strategy and road map and to deliver an expanded product offering that enables

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New Judicial Management Software From ImageSoft

SOUTHFIELD—ImageSoft Inc., the document management software developer, has introduced CaseShare, software that serves appellate court cases as a stand-alone system or integrated with lower courts’ case and document management systems. The company said the software was the product of collaboration with the Virginia District Court. Officials said the software automates the case assembly process, including

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MuteSolo Music App Let’s Artists, Users Isolate Voice, Instrument Tracks

KALAMAZOO - Musician and software developer Arturio Hinton was on the road listening to an acapella song on the radio when he said to himself, ‘I wish there was a way to isolate the voice track, or the instrument track.’ As a software developer, Hinton knew he could craft an application that could do that.

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Detroit Tech Watch Software Event Coming To TechTown June 29

DETROIT—The organizers behind the Detroit DevDay software development conference are rolling out a new event, Detroit Tech Watch 1.0, to be held June 29 at TechTown. Ir will feature talks on the future of software development, including talks about the Pony Language and Flutter, along with Crystal, Julia, ReasonML and other new languages and software development concepts. Early bird tickets to the event

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Altimetrik To Open 3000 Square Foot Software Collaboration Hub In Downtown Detroit

ROYAL OAK - A 3000 square foot collaboration hub for the local software community is coming to downtown Detroit. Jacob Evan Smith, Partnership Manager from Altimetrik, says it will be the go-to place for software professionals to meet, get additional training, host events, and much more. Hear all the details on this M2 TechCast podcast.

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LLamasoft Appoints 2 To Senior Executive Positions

ANN ARBOR — Supply chain software developer LLamasoft has appointed two people to newly created senior executive positions: Sandra Moran as senior vice president and chief marketing officer, and Slimane Allab as senior vice president and general manager for the Europe-Middle East-Africa region.. In her new role, Moran will lead the global marketing organization to

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Plex Systems Rolls Out Enhancements For Manufacturing Management Software

TROY – Manufacturing Management Software Developer Plex Systems announced updates and enhancements to its software products that the company says will  improve inventory management, enable manufacturers to access and contextualize more data, and support a mobile workforce. The winter 2019 product release is now available to Plex customers, which run more than 2,000 plants in 22 countries

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Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari Outlines New Features Of MySQL 8

ROYAL OAK - Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari outlines the new features of MySQL 8 and Oracle Database 18c in this interview on M2 Techcast. Ahmed Alomari  To listen, click on More information at

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