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Proven Ways For Auto Dealerships To Attract Customers To Their Store

BIRMINGHAM, MI - Dealerships continue to struggle attracting local consumers to their stores with the increase in marketing channel competition.  The problems range from other brand competition to competition from within the brand.  Other sources include in-brand marketing channels from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. This doesn’t mean a dealership cannot find marketing

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Fake News Detector Algorithm Works Better Than A Human

ANN ARBOR—An algorithm-based system that identifies telltale linguistic cues in fake news stories could provide news aggregator and social media sites like Google News with a new weapon in the fight against misinformation. The University of Michigan researchers who developed the system have demonstrated that it’s comparable to and sometimes better than humans at correctly

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SmartOne – Auto Dealership Local Marketing Guarantees Sales Results

BIRMINGHAM, MI – What if I told you SmartOne is a advanced digital local marketing auto dealership program with proven results that increase a dealership’s awareness among local active vehicle buyers. What if I told you this program SmartOne also is co-op compliant with OEMs, and that it increases service center appointments and profits as

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Data Privacy, Ads Drive Customer Dissastisfaction In Social Media: ACSI

ANN ARBOR — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have the least satisfied users in social media, according to the latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2018 E-Business Report. Customer satisfaction with social media as a whole fell 1.4 percent to a score of 72 on the ACSI’s 100-point scale, ranking it among the bottom

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How Do You Create Meaningful Connections In A Hyper-Communicative World?

ROYAL OAK - How do you create meaningful connections in a hyper-communicative world? Tim Moynihan, editorial services and media strategist for Airfoil Public Relations explains in this interview. Moynihan explores the question with so many lines of digital communication at our disposal, the potential to form lasting connections with media -- and audiences directly --

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Brain Activity Predicts Crowdfunding Outcomes Better Than Self-Reports – Really

ANN ARBOR - Surveys and self-reports are a time-honored way of trying to predict consumer behavior, but they have limitations. People often give socially desirable answers or they simply don't know or remember things clearly. A new study by Carolyn Yoon, University of Michigan professor of marketing, and colleagues Alexander Genevsky of Rotterdam School of

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Active Vs Passive Social Media Marketing: What Every Business Should Know

ROYAL OAK - Businesses have become far too reliant on social media automation to the point they believe it is the end point of their marketing process.  Businesses are broadcasting into social communities as though it was a radio station.  The problem is no one is listening on the other end, Melih Oztalay, President of

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TechStak Partners Talk Technology, Customer Experience For Small, Medium Businesses

ROYAL OAK - TechStak’s Nicole Pasuit kicks off a discussion on Technology and the Customer Experience: A Small Business Focus, with two experts who speak to low-cost, high value tools for SMBs and how they can improve their customer experience – just like the big companies do. Nicole Pasuit Chad Ghastin is an Independent Consultant and

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Registration Open For Social Media Day June 30

DETROIT – Registration is now open for the Social Media Association of Michigan Social Media Day June 30 at the Anthenum Hotel in Greektown in downtown Detroit. The event runs from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Tickets range from $59-$79 per person and can be purchased online by visiting Part conference, part social celebration,

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Grand Circus To Offer Free Facebook Social Media Training For 3,000 Michigan Residents

DETROIT - If you’re interested in mastering your Facebook marketing skills, Grand Circus in Detroit will soon be offering free social media training for up to 3,000 Michigan residents through a first-of-its-kind program sponsored by Facebook. Classes start later this summer. But you have to apply to get in. Natch. You can do so by

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