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Lambert Edwards Hires Two Investor Relations Coordinators

GRAND RAPIDS - Drew Hall and Andrew Sedlar have joined Lambert Edwards as investor relations coordinators to support the company’s growth and recent acquisition of New York City-based financial communications firm, Owen Blicksilver Public Relations Inc.  Hall joins the team in the Grand Rapids office after recently graduating from Grand Valley State University with bachelor’s

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BullsEye Telecom Offers VirtualTech Network Diagnostic Tool

SOUTHFIELD -  BullsEye Telecom is offering a comprehensive diagnostic testing product that analyzes network issues and provides non-invasive troubleshooting without disrupting day-to-day business operations. VirtualTech provides real-time Synthetic testing of (TCP/UDP) advanced diagnostic testing such as “VoIP Trickle” test and UDP Capacity testing, including: Circuit review (packet loss, jitter, and upstream/downstream latency) VoIP mean opinion

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Data Privacy, Ads Drive Customer Dissastisfaction In Social Media: ACSI

ANN ARBOR — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have the least satisfied users in social media, according to the latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2018 E-Business Report. Customer satisfaction with social media as a whole fell 1.4 percent to a score of 72 on the ACSI’s 100-point scale, ranking it among the bottom

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TGW Systems Inc, U.S.A. Announces New Paid Apprenticeship Program

GRAND RAPIDS — TGW Systems Inc. USA, the subsidiary of the Austrian material handling systems manufacurer, has announced a new mechatronics paid apprenticeship program, developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor and the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development. Company officials said the apprenticeship program would focus on the underemployed and military

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Walsh College Adds 3 Leaders To Its IT-Decision Sciences Department

TROY - Walsh College has added three professionals to its Information Technology-Decision Sciences Department leadership team with decades of diverse experience to help prepare its graduates for careers in cybersecurity, automotive cybersecurity, business information systems and more. Joining the team are Dave Schippers, Thomas Petz and Christopher Heiden.   “We’ve developed curriculum that blends academic

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Detroit Gamer Launches Tool To Help Other App Publishers Multi-Level Market

DETROIT — A Detroit entrepreneur and game developer has launched a new user growth platform for mobile app developers called WildFire. Introduced by Ken Johnson, creator of the card game Phase 10, WildFire provides a new method for app developers, particularly startups and independents, to get noticed in the crowded app marketplace without costly ad-based

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Comcast Increases Download Speeds For Xfinity! Internet Connections

PLYMOUTH - Comcast is increasing download speeds for the company’s Xfinity Blast! tier, jumping from 100 Mbps to 150Mbps, while Extreme 150 speeds are nearly doubling from 150 Mbps to 250 Mbps.  Today, about 75 percent of Comcast’s Internet customers in Michigan subscribe to one of these two tiers and will see their download speeds

123Net Cloud Connect Service Links Businesses with Top Cloud Service Providers

DETROIT - 123Net, host of the Detroit Internet Exchange, is providing high-speed connections between businesses and leading cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many others. The service directly, securely and dynamically connects businesses and their cloud service provider of choice via Ethernet. Bypassing the public Internet helps

U-M Researchers Create World’s Smallest Computer

ANN ARBOR - IBM’s announcement that they had produced the world’s smallest computer back in March raised a few eyebrows at the University of Michigan, home of the previous champion of tiny computing. Now, the Michigan team has gone even smaller, with a device that measures just 0.3 mm to a side—dwarfed by a grain

TechSmith Updates Camtasia Video Editing Platform

OKEMOS - TechSmith Corporation has updated its Camtasia platform combining screen recording with professional-quality, easy-to-use video editing. Camtasia 2018 also adds new library and theming features and support for high frame rate editing. Video continues to grow in popularity, and new research from TechSmith highlights how companies in the US could unlock nearly $100 billion