DETROIT — A Detroit entrepreneur and game developer has launched a new user growth platform for mobile app developers called WildFire.

Introduced by Ken Johnson, creator of the card game Phase 10, WildFire provides a new method for app developers, particularly startups and independents, to get noticed in the crowded app marketplace without costly ad-based user acquisition strategies.

Through its cross-app virtual currency, WildFire Coins, users get incentives to explore new apps, refer more friends, and engage for longer.

As the mobile development and publishing market has become more and more crowded – with more than 2 million apps currently available on the Apple App Store and 3.8 million available on the Google Play Store – user acquisition costs have also skyrocketed, growing nearly 30 percent year-over-year, according to AppsFlyer. This is especially poignant within the mobile games space, which accounted for nearly 80 percent of the app releases in 2017. WildFire says its platform provides an economical solution for user acquisition through its network of apps and associated cross-app virtual currency, which also supports app discovery, user engagement, and loyalty.

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