Visual, Simulation and Modeling (VSM) is the process of creating and analyzing a digital prototype of a physical model to predict its performance in the real world. Simulation modeling is used to help designers and engineers understand whether, under what conditions, and in which ways a part could fail and what loads it can withstand.

Robotics, Vision And Motion Control Set Records In 2017

ANN ARBOR — The North American robotics, machine vision and motion control markets continue to set new records, according to the Association for Advancing Automation. “What I find most telling about these results is not simply that the automation market continues to grow, but that it is growing in such a wide variety of industries,”

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Mobile Monday Detroit Oct. 9 Focus: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

DETROIT – In recent years, wearables, augmented reality and virtual reality have been gaining significant media attention and showing tremendous growth potential. However, most people don’t have a clear understanding of what these technologies are, what they’re capable of, how they will take advantage of connected technologies, or how they can be used. The MoMoDetroit

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