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Founder of Michigan News Network, and serves as CEO, as well as Editor & Publisher of MITECHNEWS.COM. Brennan has worked since 1980 as a technology writer at newspapers in New York, NY, San Jose, CA., Seattle, WA., Memphis, TN., Detroit, MI., and London, England. He co-founded and served as managing editor of Pacific Rim News Service (SEATTLE), which developed a network of more than 100 freelance journalists in 17 Asia-Pacific countries.

China’s InnoSTARS Competition Coming To Detroit April 29

DETROIT – As China continues to rise in its global importance, its huge domestic market promises many expansion opportunities for US companies.  Despite of all the anxiety and media buzz around the current tension between US and China, there is one platform that is approaching things more transparently and strategically – InnoSTARS.  In its 3rd

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Cybersecurity Update From Richard Stiennon, eCommerce Safeguards, Offensive Cyber Weapons

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon scares the hell out of the M2 Techcast audience with updates on the latest cybersecurity threats, including eCommerce. Stiennon, the founder two decades ago of Rust Net, provides tips on how to keep your financial information safe from hackers. He also discusses how nation states are creating an

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Technology As A Service Has A New Name – XaaS1.Com

ROYAL OAK - Rick Beckers, CEO of CloudTech1, a managed service provider, has launched another company, one that will provide Technology As A Service. You can find it at www.Xaas1.com. Listen to this podcast in which Rick explains what technology solutions his latest venture will provide businesses. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/technology-as-a-service-has-a-new-name-xaas1com

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mirari Offers Augmented Reality To Improve Manufacturing

ROYAL OAK - David Pollock and his team from mirari joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan on M2 Techcast to talk about how his company will showcase his Augmented Reality solutions for manufacturers at the Automobile-D exhibit during the North American International Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show) and during a February workshop at Lawrence Technological

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West Michigan Business Executive Named SBDC State Director

GRAND RAPIDS - West Michigan business executive and Amway alumni J.D. Collins has been named state director of the Small Business Development Center, an SBA-backed one-stop-shop for business advice and training aimed at entrepreneurs and small business. Collins began his new role December 17 leading the SBDC, a 90-person organization that serves more than 5,500 companies statewide. He

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65 Mobility Startups To Showcase Products, Services At NAIAS – Detroit Auto Show

DETROIT – Sixty five mobility startups from 10 countries will be exhibiting during the press preview and industry days at the North American International Auto Show – aka Detroit Auto Show – at the 3rd annual AutoMobili-D exposition, Jan. 14 – 17, 2019. AutoMobili-D is a 150,000 square-foot exhibition featuring a wide range of automakers, suppliers, investors and

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DNR, Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger Donate 25 Deer To Food Banks

LANSING - A unique partnership between government and not-for-profit organizations is expected to provide those in need within Michigan with 4,400-plus meals of one of the most requested items at food pantries: protein. The recent effort to collect venison from Michigan hunters by the Food Bank Council of Michigan, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and

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LTU’s Window Walk Winners, ITC Gifting Michigan Tech, Redlevel’s IT Budgeting Advice, 123Net Support For Detroit Community Tech Project

ROYAL OAK – On M2 Techcast Monday Dec. 17, Lawrence Tech’s Christopher Stefani will announced the winners of its 2018 Holiday Window Walk. ITC Transco’s Jon Jipping will explain why the electric transmission company donated $75,000 to Michigan Tech’s ECE Learning Center. Redlevel’s Rob Tessanne, VP, Cloud & Technology Solutions, will discuss Budgeting for IT

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Study: Parents Spend More Time Explaining Mechanics Of Mobile Devices, Than Content

ANN ARBOR—Most parents would agree that one of the of the biggest modern parenting challenges is monitoring a child’s online activity. A new study appearing in the Journal of Child and Family Studies found that parents spend more time talking with kids about the mechanics of using their mobile devices than they do about what

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BuyMichiganNow.Com Holiday Gift Guide – All Michigan-Made Products

ROYAL OAK - Lisa Diggs, founder of Buy Michigan Now, joins Matt Roush on M2 TechCast to talk about her Holiday Gift Guide chock full of Michigan-made products. If you're looking for last minute Christmas gifts, find them at BuyMichiganNow.Com. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/buymichigannow

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