MENDON TOWNSHIP – In this small community east of Three Rivers, voters by an incredibly close vote during Tuesday’s election gave the green light to allowing small and large solar systems to be built within its boundaries.

The ordinance, which passed 331-319, would amend the Mendon Township Zoning Ordinance to allow construction of both small and large solar energy systems within township limits but would establish restrictions, requirements and guidelines for the construction of such systems.

These limitations would include being required to obtain a special use permit from the township’s planning commission before constructing a large solar energy system anywhere within Mendon Township limits.

A similar effort is to usher in clean energy in Wise Township, however, failed in a 99-136 vote. The proposal would have established a special, specific regulation to be utilized as part of the Wise Township Zoning Ordinance when considering an application for a special use permit for wind energy facilities like windmills or turbines.