SOUTHFIELD –  BullsEye Telecom is offering a comprehensive diagnostic testing product that analyzes network issues and provides non-invasive troubleshooting without disrupting day-to-day business operations.

VirtualTech provides real-time Synthetic testing of (TCP/UDP) advanced diagnostic testing such as “VoIP Trickle” test and UDP Capacity testing, including:

  • Circuit review (packet loss, jitter, and upstream/downstream latency)
  • VoIP mean opinion score (MOS)
  • Firewall port assessment (for the different CPE and Edge devices)
  • TCP/UDP stress test – Tests user experience for Internet and VoIP and UC
  • Customizable testing periods (Real-time, 4/6/8/24-hour)

The solution is available to BullsEye’s VoIP and broadband customers as an add-on service, and as a stand-alone service to companies who receive broadband and VoIP services through another carrier. 

VirtualTech is the latest addition to BullsEye’s growing suite of professional services, all of which are geared toward delivering increased efficiency, reliability, and scalability, while reducing overall costs. BullsEye customers enjoy the day-to-day benefits of having engineers that know the latest technologies and communicate directly with the customer. This is essential for effectively transitioning to an edge-to-cloud/edge-to-data center environment.

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