Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. STEAM is designed to integrate STEM subjects and the art of design in the classroom. These programs aim to teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their mathematics and science base.

Michigan Science Center, ITC Go the Distance On Informal Learning

DETROIT - The Michigan Science Center and ITC Holdings Corp. will host a special Arbor Day program on Friday with schools throughout the state to highlight the museum’s new ECHO Distance Learning Program. ECHO, part of the Science Center's Traveling Science program, uses video conferencing to connect classrooms from any location with a museum educator

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Michigan Science Center Offers Spring/Summer Programming For All Ages

DETROIT -The Michigan Science Center is ready to inspire curious minds of all ages with new programming this spring and summer.    Earth and Space Science Month: Throughout the month of April, MiSci will celebrate earth and space science with special activities and programs, including free general admission on Sunday, April 22 in honor of

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STEM Workshop At IoT TechConnect Features Digerati Girls, STEMinistas

TROY - The Michigan Science Center and Digerati Girls will come together on April 4 at IoT TechConnect for an interactive workshop with high school students who will learn the basics of coding including creating characters that will be plugged into augmented reality video games. The sessions will explore new global Code.Org curriculum sponsored by

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Snyder Proposes Marshall Plan For Talent To Fill Michigan’s STEM Job Shortage

DETROIT - Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday announced his Marshall Plan for Talent to train Michiganders to fill 811,000 jobs by 2024 with an average salaries of $60,000. "Our country is facing a huge national challenge about getting people connected to careers," Snyder Thursday at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit.  Snyder would focus on training programs,

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LTU Version Of Global Game Jam Helps Students Develop New Video Games

ROYAL OAK - Last month, Lawrence Technological University host its version of Global Game Jam where 30 developers came together to create new video games in a 48-hour marathon. There wasn't much sleep but there was much fun. Marshall Ashton, who runs the LTU Bachelor of Fine Art in Game Art program, joins Matt Roush and

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Wayne State Receives $1 million NSF Grant To Support Commuter Students In Engineering

DETROIT - A team of Wayne State University faculty was awarded $1 million from the National Science Foundation’s Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) initiative for a new program called ACCESS: Achieving Commuter Engagement and Success. ACCESS aims to increase the retention and six-year graduation rates of targeted students while also providing insight

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Michigan Science Center Finalist For US2020 STEM Coalition Challenge

DETROIT – The Michigan Science Center was named a finalist in the US2020 STEM Coalition Challenge, a competition for communities across the country to develop cross-sector partnerships bringing quality hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) mentoring and maker-centered learning to underrepresented students. As a finalist, MiSci will move on to compete for a share

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Red Level Interview: What A Managed Serviçe Provider Can Do For Your Business?

ROYAL OAK - Think of the last business partner you selected for your company. Was it your accountant, attorney or financial advisor? Evaluating your IT consulting firm and even more specifically, your managed service provider is one of more important business decisions you'll make. The right managed service partner helps to build reliability and performance into your company’s IT

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State Gives $2.5 Million Grant To FIRST Robotics Michigan Program

LANSING - A $2.5 million grant from the state of Michigan will help even more students benefit from participating in FIRST Robotics. The grants, awarded by the Michigan Department of Education, are part of Gov. Rick Snyder’s continued investment in FIRST Robotics, which has students learning about applications of science, technology, engineering, arts and math

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Engineers Discover Catalyst That Cleans Toxic Agricultural Nitrates From Drinking Water

HOUSTON - Engineers at Rice University's Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Center have found a catalyst that cleans toxic nitrates from drinking water by converting them into air and water. "Nitrates come mainly from agricultural runoff, which affects farming communities all over the world," said Rice chemical engineer Michael Wong, the lead scientist on the study.

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