DETROIT ? Intel, the electronic brains inside most personal computers, has joined the

Automotive Industry Action Group as a sponsoring member company. Intel is keen to participate in collaborative engineering and product development, Early Warning Standards and the B2B Service Oriented Architecture project at AIAG.

“We are delighted to welcome Intel into our 1,600 worldwide company membership,” said Andrew J. Cummins, executive director and CEO of AIAG. “The contributions that Intel can make to AIAG’s initiatives relating to interoperability and the standardization of business processes are important to the industry, and will help AIAG achieve its goal of reducing the cost and complexity of doing business within the global automotive supply chain.”

The architecture project will document automotive user requirements for manageable and reusable enterprise architecture to cut costs. The AIAG EWS initiative focuses on easing warranty costs by linking various sources of warranty and customer data to identify and resolve quality issues.

“We look forward to working with AIAG to strengthen the global automotive supply chain by enabling collaboration between OEMs, suppliers and technology solution providers,” said Dick Bland, director, manufacturing industry solutions of Intel Corporation. “By working with AIAG and its members, we can further develop interoperability through open standards that will bring value to the industry by improving efficiencies in their supply chains and reducing costs.”

Founded in 1982, AIAG is headquartered in the metro Detroit area. Its more than 1,600 member companies include North American, European and Asia- Pacific OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry with combined annual revenue of more than $850 billion.

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