KALAMAZOO ? Managing innovation is tough in the fast paced 21st century world of business, so Southwest Michigan First, BlueGranite and Kalamazoo Valley Community College?s M-TEC are co-hosting a workshop in January that features Bill Guest, a teacher and consultant, exclusively in the area of organizational performance measurement andimprovements.

The workshop will be held at M-TEC in The Groves Business Park, 7107 Elm Valley Drive, on January 25, from 8 am to 5 pm. The cost is $495 per person and the fee includes course materials, including an Innovation Management Seminar Booklet, Innovation Business Process, Innovation Management Matrix and Innovation Management handouts.

According to an interim report of the National Innovation Initiative, innovation will be a key factor in any organization?s competitiveness, especially in our emerging global economy. ?Where once we optimized our organizations for efficiency and quality, now we must optimize our entire society for innovation,? the report said.

To address the question of ?how to attack this daunting challenge,? the Innovation Workshop will look at a summary of the key principles embodied within the writings of the world?s best authors on the topic of innovation.

?Our focus is absolutely pragmatic,? said Matt Mace, president of Blue Granite. ?This program will not teach theory alone. This is a workshop that is designed to teach business leaders how to apply theory and proven best practices to their individual business needs.?

Mace said the goal of the program is to provide practical solutions that can be immediately applied. ?You will leave the workshop with tools you can put to use the next day,? he said.

Subjects to be addressed include a discussion of key principles of innovation by the world?s thought leaders such as: Peter Drucker, Kim and Mauborgne, Christensen and Raynor, Hargadon and Sutton, MacMillan and Grath, Thomke, Hauschildt, Sonnack, and von Hipple.

Attendees will also receive an ?Innovation Business Process? to effectively manage innovation and develop a highly effective, innovative management team. And, participants will learn how to design and implement structured reviews of innovation opportunities and to track progress on those opportunities so that innovation is encouraged and supported throughout the organization.

The workshop will also provide instruction on: design and implementation of a management matrix for prioritization and tracking of innovation opportunities; how to set innovation performance improvement goals; how to measure progress of innovation goals; and how to identify and support organizational ?innovation champions.?

The program is ideal for business leaders with the responsibility to put their firm on the path to world-class excellence in innovation, for owners, presidents, chief financial officers, and for business unit managers with businesses that need more innovation; and for business leadership staff that would directly participate

in the management of innovation.

More information. Click ?INNOVATION? at www.billguest.com