KALAMAZOO ? PharmOptima and Kalexsyn have formed a joint service alliance to offer a broad range of services for the drug discovery and research markets. Kalexsyn CEO David Zimmermann said the two companies will provide an integrated drug discovery service platform.

?This platform will provide an expedited drug discovery timeline for our client partners. Our medicinal chemistry skill, coupled with PharmOptima?s in vitro and in vivo capabilities creates a very experienced drug discovery team,? Zimmermann said.

Kalexsyn provides medicinal chemistry services to scientific customers engaged in the drug discovery process with experts in all aspects of medicinal chemistry, including organic synthesis, physical property modification, analog strategies and diversification of compound collections. Kalexsyn can accelerate the drug discovery program at all stages including early SAR studies of screening hits, optimization of leads and synthesis of intermediate and building blocks. The company has access to a consulting staff of unparalleled drug discovery experience and medicinal chemistry expertise.

PhamOptima is a technologically advanced research service business expediting drug discovery by optimizing drug lead identification utilizing compound biochemical mechanisms of action and proof of concept studies. PharmOptima provides consultation and laboratory support with expertise including identification of chemical hits by optimizing assays for high throughput screening; turning hits into leads through designing and implementing secondary assays and confirming initial in vivo delivery, efficacy, tolerance and ADME. The company is also conducting research for its own proprietary range of therapeutic products in infections diseases.

?Our alliance with Kalexsyn brings a unique capability and specialty to our drug discovery and research consulting business,?? said PhamOptima CEO A. Christian Schauer. ?Many of our clients are looking to us to provide expert chemistry assistance to their studies and the senior scientists at Kalexsyn are uniquely qualified to bring professional solutions to those chemistry needs.?