LANSING Rising fees charged other carriers by SBC and legislation to repeal a federal law onerous to small business are the topics of this weeks Small Business Association of Michigan update.

SBC Demand To Double Rates Creates Unusual Alliance

What do SBAM, Attorney General Mike Cox, AARP and the Michigan Consumer Federation agree on? That SBC’s demand to nearly double the rent they charge other companies to use the state’s phone infrastructure is an outrage, and that the Michigan Public Service Commission should reject SBC’s proposal now before it.

Tariff Legislation Could Be Repealed By US Senate

Legislation agreed to by the U.S. Senate earlier this month contains positive provisions for small businesses. The bill, S. 1637 would repeal the Extra Territorial Income Exclusion Act (ETI) that has been ruled an illegal subsidy by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Congress is under pressure to repeal the ETI as the WTO has awarded the European Union the ability to place retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods until the provision is removed.

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