SOUTHFIELD – Mirari, the leader in 3D and Big Data Visualization for Automotive, Aviation and Consumer Product industries, has developed a comprehensive Augmented Reality (AR) for Manufacturing workshop Dec. 10 at Lawrence Technological University for Tier 1, Tier 2 and SMB Manufacturing companies.

The AR workshop is designed for executives, senior level managers, engineering managers or technical specialists who are called upon to formulate or provide input into strategic decisions and business operational strategies.

During this thought-provoking 1-day workshop, we will provide you the tools to begin to develop a detailed roadmap for helping your organization identify, understand, plan and deploy Augmented Reality (AR) in the manufacturing space.

The day will be a blend of syndicated industry research, case studies, real-life examples and facilitated group discussions that will be used to build a solid foundation of Augmented Reality (AR) in manufacturing operations.

To enhance the impact of the workshop, our Augmented Reality (AR) Manufacturing team will collect issues and ideas prior to the workshop for use in issues identification, common areas and problem-solving discussions for the workshop. These facilitated group interactions will focus on customized training, collaboration and operational strategies on the manufacturing floor.

We will also demonstrate how you should organize, plan and develop a tablet-based AR application for use in a manufacturing setting, enhancing understanding of end-to-end requirements for deploying a successful AR solution for your company.


  1. Current Manufacturing Challenges
  2. Practical Definition of Augmented Reality
  3. Dispelling Myths about Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR)
  4. Manufacturing Case Studies and Return on Investment (ROI)
  5. Identifying and Tasking the Organizational Champion (Stakeholder)
  6. Identifying and Scoping your AR Proof of Concept (POC) or Pilot (ADDIE Process)
  7. What to Expect When Executing your AR POC
  8. Internal and External Resource Identification
  9. Individual AR Analysis Exercise

    1. AR Development Working Session
    2. Post-Development Discussion
  10. The Future of AR in Manufacturing
  11. Identifying and Exploring opportunities within your company.
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