WASHINGTON DC – Tesla, GM, and Nissan, have joined forces with other players in the electric vehicle space to launch a coalition to reform and recharge the electric vehicle tax credit. Several other well-known companies are part of the coalition including, ABB, ChargePoint, Plug-in America, Proterra, and Volta.

There are two different legislative efforts to change the program.

Last month, a Republican senator introduced a new bill to end the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars and tax them even more instead.

But a few days later, another Republican senator proposed a new bill to remove the federal tax credit cap for EVs and expand it to 2022.

Republican Senator Dean Heller, who introduced the pro EV tax credit bill that would see it extended instead of capped, was defeated in the mid-term elections earlier this month.

With those two distinct bills, the Democrats regaining control of the House, and Republicans expanding their majority in the Senate, it’s really unclear what will happen of the EV federal tax credit.

The new coalition is pushing for a clear reform that would see the cap lifted, which would be particularly good for Tesla, who already hit it, and Nissan and GM, who are about to hit the cap.

They wrote in a press release and new website: