TROY – Wearable technologies are evolving – but is it at the pace expected by industry experts? And what other industries are being impacted by this evolution of wearable technologies? Two of Michigan’s leading wearable technologies experts join us at Mobile Monday Detroit on October 10 at 6  p.m. at RIIS in Troy to share their insights on these questions.

Speakers include:

  • Salvatore (Sam) Vilardi, VP of Product Development, Immy Inc.
  • Dr. Yifan Chen, Technical Leader, Ford Motor Company, Research & Advanced Engineering

Vilardi will share his insights on wearables related to the virtual and augmented reality industry, and answer such questions as: What hardware is truly available to the masses? What can actually be done with the current hardware? Is all the hype grounded in reality? He’ll take us on a trip thru the years to understand the journey in this market and what lies ahead.

Chen will focus on the opportunities that wearable technologies present to driving safety and in-vehicle health and wellness. He will review some of the prior work Ford has done in the driver health and wellness space, including the Connected Health App Challenge recently co=sponsored by Ford and Henry Ford Health System. He’ll show how Ford’s recently-opened Automotive Wearables Experiences Lab is supporting the firm’s work, and some initial results coming from the lab.

The event is free to attend but advance reservations via Meetup ARE REQUIRED in order to attend; make your reservation at

Refreshments will be served courtesy of our host and sponsor, RIIS. Free parking is available onsite. 

Mobile Monday Detroit is sponsored by the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) and RIIS.