DETROIT—Huron Capital announced its IT products and services business unit, Santa Clara, Calif.-based InterVision, has acquired SeyVu, a Folsom, Calif.-based company that specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and all of its related interests, assets and intellectual properties.

SeyVu’s data analysis capabilities include fraud prevention, voice of customer, supply chain, market research, investment research, brand management and other data-intensive applications.

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence are fast-growing technologies that are disrupting many industries,” said Aaron Stone, president and CEO of InterVision. “Our clients need to quickly transform their data into actionable solutions and accelerate their digital transformation journey to stay competitive. SeyVu has the methodology and experience to help our clients shift from being retrospective and reactive in analysis of data to being predictive, prescriptive and proactive.”

SeyVu was founded in 2016 and helped to drive the adoption of data science applications by many corporations. Today, SeyVu helps to make data driven decisions accessible to private and public sector companies that want to improve their profitability and capture the benefits of big data.

“SeyVu is committed to implementing advanced analytics, AI and data science applications across industries ranging from high-tech, consumer, manufacturing, education and government,” said Harsha Gopianandan, CEO and founder of SeyVu. “Joining forces with InterVision is expected to open new opportunities to work on leading-edge projects to help clients improve business outcomes during this exciting time for the IT industry.”

Huron Capital partnered with InterVision in 2016 to pursue opportunities in the rapidly growing IT industry. Over the last three years, InterVision has also merged with or acquired Fotis Networks, Infiniti Consulting Group, Bluelock, Netelligent, and Independent Technology Group. With InterVision and Huron Capital’s support, SeyVu has an opportunity to expand its expertise and service offerings to a broader range of clients and projects.

“InterVision has been growing quickly over the past three years as it has added new capabilities and expanded its range of expertise,” said Matt Hare, partner at Huron Capital. “The acquisition of SeyVu is another exciting addition that we expect will elevate InterVision’s position in the marketplace.”

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