EAST LANSING – Anderson Economic Group, LLC, has completed a forensic analysis of the 2016 election results. In a letter to the Secretary of State, AEG concluded that the outcome of this analysis shows no evidence of fraud or tampering with the Michigan 2016 general election results of the office of the President.

“This review employed advanced data analytics techniques that can also be applied to business, military, and market research purposes,” said Patrick L. Anderson, the lead author of the analysis. “This time, we’re using it to help citizens evaluate serious charges about the integrity of elections.”

This analysis was motivated by assertions of alleged fraud, mistake, and tampering including the recall petition of Jill Stein, stories citing computer scientists that include statements that there is “evidence that vote totals could have been manipulated;” and the request for intelligence agencies to review of an alleged “pattern of malicious cyber activity related to our presidential election cycle.”

Anderson examined the certified election results from the State Board of Canvassers using exploratory data analysis techniques, and two sets of hypothesis tests. In one test, a “signature” of voting across counties was generated, and compared with voters who selected the same party’s candidate in the same election 4 years prior.

“We routinely evaluate the pattern of customer behavior for our business customers,” said Patrick L. Anderson, “we adapted those methods here to review voting behavior.”

The letter concludes:

The results are all consistent in showing a pattern of votes, and shifting of votes across elections, that is not unusual. There is no evidence from these results that suggests irregularities or episodic fraud or tampering with the Michigan 2016 general election results for the office of President.

Indeed, what we observed was a relatively smooth distribution of votes across counties; a lack of unexplained outliers; and a reasonably predictable shift in recorded votes in the same counties for major parties across two successive elections.

The letter to the Secretary of State, along with a set of graphs illustrating the analysis, is available on the Anderson Economic Group website at http://www.andersoneconomicgroup.com

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