TROY – I’m sure you’ve heard the famous saying “two heads are better than one.” Collaboration is invaluable — and the truth is, the right people are the greatest asset of any business. We all want to work with those who have a positive attitude, a sharp mind and a common goal.

As leaders in the financial and managed IT services industries respectively, Rehmann and Trivalent Group® understand the power of combining forces to cultivate capabilities and reach business objectives. On April 1, 2018, Rehmann and Trivalent Group combined to expand Rehmann’s cyber security and technology offerings and meet clients’ growing business needs.

A cultural match

Rehmann and Trivalent Group have many things in common — a focus on community, aptitude in their fields and a commitment to helping clients achieve their business goals. But both organizations knew that having a solid business case wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t a good fit culturally.

“Once we were sure that the cultures were a match, we were able to move forward in our business discussion,” said Jim Carpp, Rehmann principal and director of consulting. “We both employ highly engaged associates who provide the quality of services that our clients have grown to expect.”

The firms share similar business models of putting people first and providing clients Relentless Service®, along with fostering a collaborative and progressive environment for associates.

An emphasis on clients’ needs

There has been tremendous growth in the realm of cyber security and IT outsourcing, and as technology continues to advance, the amount of complexities will increase, too. Clients are facing challenges such as security risks and the task of attracting and retaining top talent.

This combination of two successful organizations allows Rehmann to better serve clients by enhancing its professional depth and broadening the firm’s service capabilities. New offerings include managed IT services, cloud, professional services and managed networks and product solutions, which can be coupled with traditional CPA, business consulting, wealth advisory and investigative services.

“We see growth opportunities driven by the integration of our solutions and the ability to assist Rehmann’s current customer base,” said John Hey, Trivalent Group COO.

Offering continuity, prevention, maintenance and restoration under one roof will bring added value for current and new clients, and peace of mind.

“Our customer base is very similar, especially in the small to medium-sized business space,” said Larry Andrus, Trivalent Group CEO. “By integrating, we’re able to assist our clients with resolving complex issues and offer them a suite of solutions to help them face their day-to-day challenges.”

Additionally, Trivalent Group offers a 360° Assessment to measure the health and security of clients’ technology environments. The assessment allows the firm to align the client’s business objectives with its technology practices to improve business value.

Together as one, Rehmann will now have the capacity to bring more services to clients and meet the growing demands for technology solutions.

Published in the Rehmann December newsletter.