LANSING – In response to the increasing demand for information technology jobs, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation is partnering with “IT in the D” and Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan to provide funding for training and certification for entry level IT positions in Flint, including help-desk services, typically gateway employment for career advancement in the field.

“This is an opportunity for job candidates to get in at the ground level of an exciting profession that is expanding with the promise of a rewarding career,” said Cynthia Richardson, director, talent attraction and resources, Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

“By providing minimal or no-cost training, the field is immediately accessible to job seekers while promoting Flint as an attractive market for new IT jobs,” she said. “Serving as a catalyst for IT education and increasing the supply of qualified IT job-seekers clearly demonstrates the state’s commitment to foster a positive business and job-creation environment in Mid-Michigan.”

Through its partnership with MEDC and Goodwill Industries, “IT in the D” is expanding to Flint with the aim of eventually a statewide presence. Local partners include GST Michigan Works! And Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce.

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