PLYMOUTH – Sandbox Industries, a Chicago-based venture capital firm, is

interested in any company that is strategically relevant to health insurance

within the healthcare IT and tech-enabled services space.

Sandbox is

interested in working with MichBio members in the following investment areas:

Complex Care

Management: New models to manage chronic disease patients and high cost

members. These models include technology-focused solutions and services and are

typically helping drive a value-based model.


Pharmacy Management: Tools and services to help health plans manage high cost

pharma medical spend and ensure the right patients are using and compliant with

these drugs.


Integration: Technology to help health plans improve data management and

integrate with providers and external app developers in a secure, compliant



personalized benefit design / Next Generation Brokers: Tools to help improve

the benefit design process, product selection, and rationalize the process of

selling a policy

Rs and Stars

Optimization: Tools and services to help health plans optimize their quality

metrics for government-led business (Medicare, Medicaid, and Exchanges)

New Reimbursement

Models: Tools and services to push new reimbursement models forward (i.e., full

capitation, partial capitation, bundles, etc.)

Food and

Agri-Biotech: High technology opportunities in the food and agricultural


Research and Health Informatics: Information technology applications in

research and medical informatics



Must be a

MichBio member (Not a member? Join here.)

Must submit

a 1-2 page executive summary for review/approval by September 11, 2015 to [email protected]

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Summaries due by September 11