ROYAL OAK – Social media expert Melih Oztalay from Birmingham-based SmartFinds Marketing talks about the latest Social Media Marketing Trends, including Facebook Improvements, LinkedIn, Twitter Replies, and the hottest trend of them all, Video Marketing.

Facebook Improvements

Melih Oztalay discussed the changes taking place at Facebook which businesses need to consider in their digital social media marketing strategy.

  • Combatting Fake News – adding a red warning sign whenever users share disputed content.
  • Facebook’s algorithm is now rewarding posts that get more Reactions – businesses need to do more than just broadcast like it’s a radio station!
  • Consider Facebook Instant Articles for your business


Melih Oztalay discussed the many changes which have taken place at LinkedIn affecting businesses in their B2B in their LinkedIn marketing.

  • You can now edit your profile photo with tools now available in LinkedIn’s mobile app.
  • LinkedIn has changed dramatically in the layout and usage.

Twitter Replies

Melih Oztalay provided good news to Twitter users about recent changes in this social community.

  • Whenever you reply to an individual or a group of Twitter users, the user names of those people won’t subtract from your tweet’s 140 character count.
  • NEW! Twitter is considering offering a paid version of Tweetdeck. The premium version would be geared toward marketers, brands, and other power users. Twitter is surveying users to gauge interest about potential features and pricing.

Visual Marketing Facebook vs YouTube

Visua Marketing is still a strong recommendation from Melih Oztalay, of SmartFinds Marketing. BUsinesses need to consider their visual content to be included in a visual content marketing strategy.

  • Facebook native videos get more shares and interactions than YouTube videos and other video formats, according to a new study. Social analytics provider Quintly analyzed 167,000 Facebook profiles and 6.2 million posts from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016. Quintly looked at pages with less than 1,000 followers to more than 10 million.

Recap & Repeat! The 4 A’s Of Digital Marketing

Melih Oztalay repeated something from previous shows to businesses that he believes is necessary for all of his fellow baby boomers to keep in mind about digital marketing.

  • Anticipate Change
  • Accept The Changes
  • Adapt to the Changes
  • Adopt the Change

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