ROYAL OAK – Want to crush your March Madness office pool this year? Supported Intelligence may have a way for you to do so. Patrick Anderson who co-founded the East Lansing software company explains how SmartBracket works.

  • The national SmartBracket finished in the 95th percentile in both the Yahoo! and ESPN bracket compeitions, ahead of more than 12 million other brackets
  • 60% of SmartBracket survey respondents reported finishing third or better in their pool(s), while more than 35% won their pool

The SmartBracket strategy is simple: get more points! Specifically, get more points relative to other brackets in your pool. You get relative points when you pick the correct team and the other brackets in your pool don’t.

SmartBracket works by finding and capitalizing on opportunities to get relative points, which arise when teams are over- or undervalued. The secret is that there is a difference between how good a team actually is, and how good your friends think they are, and we can take advantage of that difference!

SmartBracket uses  technology to evaluate the opportunities for relative points in all 9 quintillion possible brackets (in less than a second!), and picks that bracket with the largest opportunity for success. Now that’s smart.

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