LANSING – The Marijuana Regulatory Agency provided 41 applicants with prequalification status – the first step toward licensure – in the first week it has been accepting applications.

In total, the state has received 58 prequalification applications and 43 applications for a state license.

The state has received state license applications for Class B growers (one), Class C growers (12), a marijuana event organizer (two), a marijuana processor (four), retailers (22) and one each for a marijuana safety facility and marijuana secure transporter.

Prequalification status can be granted a little easier this time around, compared to when applications opened for medical marijuana, as the applicants are likely to be medical license holders who have already gone through intense background checks. Also, the state can grant the prequalification directly instead of using a board, which was originally in place on the medical side.

This story was published by Gongwer News Service.