Tourists will now be able to engage with Pure Michigan commercials to discover

information about specific destinations with the video spots.

The technology

comes from Detroit-based Clickivated. When a scene of interest plays, users can

click on the icon to the right of the screen and get immediate access to

individual websites of featured destinations to view activities, make

reservations and help build a personal travel itinerary.


technology makes our advertising spots truly interactive, providing viewers

with real-time information on the destinations highlighted throughout the ads,” said David Lorenz, Vice President of Travel Michigan, part of the Michigan

Economic Development Corporation. “We are proud to be working with this growing

Michigan company and to be the first adopter of this technology for tourism


While the

Clicktivated content is interactive, it does not disrupt the original video

content and viewing experience through pop-ups or other distractions. The Pure

Michigan Clicktivated videos will work across all devices and browsers, as well

as inside Facebook.

“The state

of Michigan is a leader in innovation within the travel industry, recognizing

the impact Clicktivated content will have on the viewer experience,” said Chris

Roebuck of Clicktivated. “Clicktivated allows for direct viewer interaction to

learn additional information on the various destinations featured in these

videos and even the opportunity to book a trip directly through the video. Combining

Clicktivated’s technology within the Pure Michigan video series separates

Michigan from other tourism marketing efforts – visitors now have a new and

exciting way to gain information and interact with this beautiful state.”

All three

founders of Clicktivated are native Michiganders who are committed to

showcasing the innovation and technological talent found in their home state.

Clicktivated’s technology is fully cross compatible on all platforms and

devices and is the first technology company to allow for viewer

interaction within videos on an iPhone without having to use a loaded app or