WASHINGTON DC – Rep. Mike Pompeo will lead the Central Intelligence Agency, after the US Senate confirmed his nomination Monday evening in a vote of 66 to 32. Pompeo, a graduate of West Point and Harvard Law, currently represents Kansas in the House of Representatives.

Casting some of those no votes were senators who raised concerns over Pompeo’s record of supporting increased government surveillance. Pompeo has supported rolling back reforms on US surveillance practices that were put in place after Edward Snowden’s leaked NSA documents revealed spy programs that caught up US residents.

At his confirmation hearing, Pompeo also said he wanted to track information from social media accounts. Can you say Big Brother will be watching your every social media move.

“We should be greatly troubled by giving power to a person who has stated flat out that he wants to expand the surveillance state, not rein it in,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, argued to fellow legislators in the debate leading up to the vote.

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