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Dan Lohrmann is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Strategist for Security Mentor. He is an author, blogger, and global keynote speaker on security and technology topics. While serving in Michigan government, he was named SC Magazine CSO of the Year, Governing Magazine Public Official of the Year, and Computerworld Magazine Premier 100 IT Leader. He can be reached on Twitter @govcso

Trust And Risks Both Growing in Government Clouds

GRAND LEDGE - As the 2017 RSA Security Conference kicked off in San Francisco, Intel Security released the results of its second annual survey on cloud security practices. The report outlines the current state of cloud adoption, the primary concerns with private and public cloud services, security implications, and the evolving impact of shadow IT

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What to Do About Fake News and Fake Apps?

LANSING - Fake news is now headline news. Add in fake apps and fake websites, and many organizations have a huge credibility problem. Let’s explore what you can do for real. Hoaxes have been around forever. From online pictures of seven-headed snakes to Russian President Putin riding a bear, most people know better and move on

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Cybersecurity Expert Lohrmann: What Will Be Trump’s Cybersecurity Strategy?

ROYAL OAK - What will be President Trump’s cybersecurity strategy? Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann with Security Mentor offers his thoughts in this M2 TechCast podcast. Even though Lohrmann notes the new cybersecurity strategist Rudy Giuliani has very limited cybersecurity background, he is encouraged that Giuliani will manage the nation’s cybersecurity strategy well. Lohrmann likes the

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Lohrmann – 2016: The Year Hackers Stole The Show, With A Cause

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann talks about the cyber year in review and what’s likely to happen in 2017. He said 2016 was the year when hacktivism stole the show. Lohrmann said the new movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is well-timed — epitomizing outsiders banding together to bring down the powerful

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2016: The Year Hackers Stole The Show — With A Cause

OKEMOS - 2016 was the year hacktivists disrupted cyberspace as never before. And offline, hacker activities were much more unsettling to the international status quo. With the mix of fake news, leaked insider information to the press, and claims and counterclaims by public officials, the result was an undermining of news media and government source

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Cybersecurity Expert Lohrmann Talks Voting Machine Hacks, Ransomeware Attacks

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann talks about the ongoing challenge of ransomware, the DDoS attacks around the world, including in the United States that have brought down some major eCommerce websites. Lohrmann also talked about a recent article he wrote that said the recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin are unlikely to reveal cyber

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The Trouble With Recounts in the Name of Hacking

GRAND LEDGE - With suspicions of hacking, Jill Stein is asking for a recount of the votes cast in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. This is a bad idea. Here are 10 reasons why. Jill Stein is raising plenty of money via her website to the pay for the government recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and

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New Guide Offers Advice on Securing Internet of Things Products

LANSING - As more and more devices enter cyberspace, the online security concerns are growing just as fast. In fact, new Internet of Thingscv devices are being taken over and used as attack vectors. Here are some top DDoS stories from the past few months: June 2016 — IoT Botnet — 25,000 CCTV Cameras Hacked

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Understanding New Hacktivism: Where Next for Hackers With a Cause?

LANSING - In 2016, hacktivism has become a mainstream force impacting millions of global lives. ‘Hacking for a cause’ has now become a weapon that transcends far beyond ‘antisocial geek misfit’ boundaries. From the DNC email hack to the Panama Papers, a surge in new hacktivism is now the top anti-establishment online tool for achieving

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Inaugural Global Automotive Cybersecurity Summit Coming To Detroit July 22

DETROIT - A new cutting-edge technology event with cybersecurity solutions for connected and autonomous cars is being organized by Billington CyberSecurity. The cyber summit will include CEOs in the auto industry as well as top government and technology leaders from around the world. Something new is coming to Detroit, but it is based on something

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