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Brexit Vote Results Worries Global Automakers

DETROIT - The much anticipated vote on Brexit, which will now lead to Great Britain’s departure from the European Union, is causing widespread worry in financial and business circles around the world. And among those fearing the impact are key global automakers like Toyota, General Motors and Britain’s own Jaguar Land Rover. Calling it “the

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Report: Fiat-Chrysler Talking Autonomous Cars With Uber, Amazon

DETROIT - Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s search for new partners may be taking an unexpected turn. After getting rejected by major competitors including General Motors and Ford, FCA Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne already has lined up a fledgling alliance with Google to build 100 autonomous vehicle prototypes. A new report suggests the CEO has launched additional

By |2016-06-16T15:58:32-04:00June 15th, 2016|Autonomous Vehicles, News|

Hyundai Aiming for No. 2 In Green Vehicle Market

DETROIT - Hyundai has big plans for the “eco” market, with the maker planning to introduce 26 new hybrid, plug-in, battery-electric and fuel-cell  vehicles between now and 2020, a blitz that begins with this year’s launch of the new Ioniq model. The challenge, said the head of the Korean carmaker’s green car program, will be

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Uber Latest Ride-Sharing Co. to Start Autonomous Vehicle Program

DETROIT - Uber has already started testing autonomous vehicles with an eye toward using them in their regular ride-sharing fleet someday. Just weeks after Lyft announced plans to begin testing self-driving vehicle technology with partner General Motors, the ride-sharing giant Uber says it has launched its own autonomous vehicle test fleet. A prototype Ford Fusion

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Tesla May Need Up To Nearly $2 Billion To Get Model 3 Into Production

WASHINGTON DC - Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has laid out an ambitious launch plan for the upcoming Model 3 that would transform it into a mainstream automaker by 2018 – but the California battery-carmaker will need anywhere from $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion to fund the new model’s rollout and production plans, Tesla said.

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Israeli Start-Up Developing Battery You Can Refill At A Gas Station

TEL AVIV - When the lithium-ion battery in a car like the Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model S runs down you have to find a charger to plug into, a process that can take 10 hours or more. But a new Israeli start-up hopes to market an entirely new type of battery that you’d “charge

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