ROYAL OAK – Supported Intelligence has developed some interesting technology to research and prototype an application for a connected vehicle. Supported Intelligence, a tech company that grew out of Anderson Economics Group several years ago, is working with some University of Michigan engineering students to better connect with vehicles that could make traffic signals more responsive to traffic flow.

Every driver puts up with long waits at traffic signals, said Supported Intelligence CEO Patrick Anderson. With his Rapid Recursive AI technology, modern vehicles – not necessarily autonomous vehicles – could connect to traffic lights to reduce the wait time.

The students are members of MECC Consulting Group, an organization at the University of Michigan that provides pro-bono consulting to local businesses and organizations. MECC Consulting Group will be working with Supported Intelligence in bringing this innovative solution to market. MECC will assist by scoping the current market for traffic solutions, identifying the competitive advantages of the Rapid Recursive method, and modifying the prototype to move further towards commercialization.

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