DETROIT – Fintech Consortium and Detroit FinTech Bay have launched a partnership with the Center for Smart Infrastructure Finance at the University of Michigan to offer a global online certificate program in InfraTech that will be promoted through the Fintech Consortium’s hub locations in Detroit, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Bahrain.

The Center is a cofounder of the University’s FinTech Collaboratory with the Ross School of Business FinTech Initiative and the Center on Finance, Law and Policy in the Ford School for Public Policy.  

The partnership pursues numerous initiatives that will advance research and innovation in the smart financing of infrastructure, also known as “InfraTech.”

Numerous technologies contribute to InfraTech, including asset tokenization through blockchain and fintech platforms, as well as the use of other technologies, IoT, artificial intelligence and data analytics, to support the efficient capital raising, underwriting and financing of infrastructure assets.

“Infrastructure is by far the largest financial asset class. However, innovation in infrastructure financing has historically been limited due to illiquidity and ownership issues. With the rise of new technologies and digitization, there is an opportunity for financial markets to innovate and adapt as the world around us changes rapidly,” said Dr. Peter Adriaens, director for the Center and Master of Engineering program in Smart Infrastructure Finance in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, focused on data platforms and efficient financing mechanisms for public and private infrastructure and asset management.

“We are proud of this partnership and look forward to working with Fintech Consortium to advance innovation and the global case for smart infrastructure finance.”

FinTech Consortium has additional partnerships and programs with Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business in Washington D.C. and the University of California, Berkeley.  Further details on the UM certificate program will be announced before year’s end.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Center for Smart Infrastructure Finance at the University of Michigan,” said Maissan Almaskati, CEO of FinTech Consortium USA. “Through this partnership we will be contributing to a unique and much needed approach to the reinvention of infrastructure asset financing. We believe that our global footprint will further support the distinguished work of Dr. Adriaens and his colleagues by creating a platform for technological and regulatory innovation in this highly specialized area of Fintech.”

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