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The Ann Arbor Crew, Visit Detroit, Tigers Opening Day, The Q Line

ROYAL OAK - Another great night as we chatted with Emily, Spencer and Randy (you’ll have to listen if you didn’t while we were live to understand that…) from our Ann Arbor crew as we talked about Monday's event in Ann Arbor at Pretzel Bell, as well as Dan from Visit Detroit to talk about

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Tom Tong, Steve Acho, Tech Innovations, Changing Careers

ROYAL OAK - We had a great, informative episode Monday night on ITInTheD as we were joined by Tom Tong and Steve Acho to talk through everything from technology innovations to changing careers, the energy around the tech scene in Detroit and dealing with recruiters, and more.  Lots of great info to hear.  To do

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Detroit Labs, Detroit Hispanic Development Corp, iOS Development and Podcasts

ROYAL OAK - For episode 185 of the IT in the D podcast from the Podcast Detroit studios, we talked about the new apprentice class Detroit Labs has and the other things they’ve got going on, what the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation does and offers in Southwest Detroit, what it’s like to be an iOS

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Dataspeed, Great Lakes Comic Con, PT Muldoon and ERC

ROYAL OAK - Another week, another great episode with our guests as we rolled through episode 183 of the IT in the D podcast from our Podcast Detroit studios.  We were joined by Dataspeed talking robotics and driverless cars, Great Lakes Comic Con chatting about their event next weekend (that you should totally be at…and

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Merit Network, Jay R Adams, Cloud, Security, Movies, TV, Hockey and More

ROYAL OAK - The cloud.  Wrestling.  Security conferences.  Batman v Superman.  Industry trends.  Breaking into acting.  Episode 181 of our podcast had all that and more as we were joined by Merit Network and Jay R Adams for a great night of chats and discussions about a whole range of topics. Merit Network is at:

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Announcing: ITInTheD Ann Arbor Chapter, Events Starting In March

ANN ARBOR - In the long history of ITinTHED, dating all the way back to our first events in 2001, we can, unfortunately, count on one hand the number of events that we’ve done in Ann Arbor.  It’s not that we don’t like Ann Arbor…we do…it’s just that we don’t have as many contacts out

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Sharing Economy, Visit Detroit, Winterfest In Downtown Detroit

ROYAL OAK - Episode 179 of the IT in the D podcast from our Podcast Detroit studios is in the books, and it was another great night of conversations with our guests.  From chatting about “the sharing economy” with and how their website can either help you fill a temporary need or maybe even

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