LANSING – Original Stormy Kromer Cap, a four-panel handmade cap created in 1903, was given the inaugural “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” award, part of the Michigan Manufacturers Association’s MFG Excellence Awards. The judges voted through social media gathered through a collaboration with MLive. It was sponsored by The Luminous Group.

“We believe that manufacturing in Michigan is rich with innovation,” said Murray Sittsamer, president of The Luminous Group. “The list of finalists and the award winner are all great examples of Michigan’s manufacturing talent and leadership. We believe that they represent the future of Michigan – competing with businesses on global stage.”

The MFG Excellence Awards dinner is The Michigan Manufacturers Association’s annual gala event to promote the inspiring stories of Michigan’s manufacturing industry, the thousands of unique manufacturing companies across the state, the more than 608,000 Michigan residents employed in the industry and the hundreds of local communities that support it.

Located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, today Stormy Kromer continues its tradition of hand-crafting American made products and supporting American made jobs.

Founded in 1999, The Luminous Group works with manufacturers who are faced with recurring quality problems or looking for new ways to improve productivity and reduce costs. Services include work team facilitation, management coaching and training workshops in a wide variety of topics. Headquarters are in West Bloomfield, Michigan.