LOS ANGELES – CNBC’s Make Me A Millionaire Inventor is casting inventors of all kinds who want to team up with their experts to get their inventions seen by potential investors and industry buyers.

If you are in inventor, CNBC wants to hear from you.

But first ask yourself these questions:

Do you have an amazing idea or invention and need help?

Do you have a prototype but no means to manufacture?

Did you get through the patent process and then give up?

Do you still need money to help market your invention?

Is your invention sitting at home instead of sitting on a store shelf?

Email your name, number, email, two recent photos, a brief description of your invention and tell them why your invention needs help.

eMail: [email protected].

Applicants must write “Attn: Erica” in the subject line so the Erica Brooks can fast track their submissions.

For more details, click on http://www.cnbcprime.com/millionaire-inventor/video/make-me-a-millionaire-inventor-inside-reinventing-the-wheel/