GRAND RAPIDS – Health Information Exchange Great Lakes Health Connect has refreshed its brand identity to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and health systems to deliver coordinated healthcare at reduced costs.

In a press release, GLHC said its former brand no longer adequately described the scope of their services or commitment to “Creating Care Connected Communities”.

“Our new brand identity and approach to engagement will more clearly reflect and communicate the breadth and depth of our services, stakeholder value, and our commitment to community,” said Doug Dietzman, Executive Director.

Since 2010, GLHC has successfully constructed Michigan’s most comprehensive repository of patient health data. This fee-for-service model has evolved into a robust statewide network of connected hospitals, physician offices, and allied care organizations including behavioral health, social services, health insurers, and more.

GLHC’s organizational philosophy acknowledges that technology is not an end in itself, but is rather a means to facilitating stronger relationships between providers, and with their patients. This broadened scope is demonstrated through collaborative partnerships in Flint, where the integration of Making Choices Michigan as a wholly-owned subsidiary, and participation in the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) “Heartland Project.”

In Flint, GLHC is assuring the technological infrastructure and actionable health data, needed in the wake of the water crisis, is available to healthcare providers, to support residents for the long-term.  Making Choices Michigan assists Michigan residents in completing Advance Care Directives and making those documents electronically available to as many health providers as possible at the point-of-care.  The Heartland Project leverages a concept called the Patient Centered Data Home to exchange electronic patient data among seven HIEs across five states.