WALLED LAKE – The Marijuana Regulatory Agency shut down Iron Labs of Walled Lake after finding marijuana that tested above the legal limit for various contaminants, but not reporting those test results in the state’s tracking system.

With the shut down, the number of licensed marijuana testing facilities in Michigan dropped from six to five, creating a critical bottleneck for providers trying to supply exploding demand for medical marijuana products.

The complaint also said the lab didn’t report edibles that tested above the MRA’s potency limit for THC, the psychoactive element in pots that produces a high.

“Respondent lacks integrity, moral character and responsibility or means to operate or maintain a marijuana facility,” the state’s complaint reads.

The state said it had not received any reports of adverse health reactions from people who used products tested by Iron Labs,  but urged medical marijuana patients to be wary of the products tested by the facility.

“It is imperative that our licensees follow the rules and laws, especially regarding the testing of medical marijuana product,” MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo said in a statement Friday. “We are intensely focused on making sure that the marijuana product in the regulated industry meets established safety standards.”

The state said because the matter is still under investigation, it couldn’t reveal how much of the state’s marijuana supply was tested by Iron Labs.

While criminal charges have not been filed yet in the case, Attorney General Dana Nessel said her office is “committed to working closely with the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to take action against those facilities that disregard the rules to the detriment of the public and industry fairness.”

The labs’ operating license expired Aug. 9, but the owners had filed an application for renewal. They have the right to request a compliance conference to respond to the state’s complaint and try to get the suspension reversed.

“For more than eight years it has been our mission at Iron Laboratories to help ensure patients have access to safe, high-quality medical cannabis,” said Rob Teitel, president, Iron Laboratories. “Iron Laboratories recently passed its state assessment through the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency and successfully achieved its scope expansion through ISO accrediting bodies PJLA and A2LA, meeting all state regulations and guidelines.

“When requested by MRA to address inquiries, Iron Laboratories acts swiftly to comply with documented explanations and corrective actions when needed. We regularly offer advice regarding testing requirements when asked by MRA officials,” Teitel said.

“Given our shared commitment to safe testing and cooperative relationship with the MRA, we were very surprised by its actions on August 16, 2019. We will continue to cooperate, knowing that upon conclusion of the investigation, the State of Michigan and MRA will determine we are well qualified to carry out the important mandate of safe testing.”