LANSING – Surrounded by orange barrels, traffic work zone signs, Republican legislative leaders and an audience of road building advocates, Gov. Rick Snyder last week inked a $175 million budget bill with $160 million earmarked for immediate road repairs.

Acknowledging that this was not a total fix, the Governor asked everyone to focus on the positive, using words such as “good progress,” “good start,” and “tremendous progress.”

“We’ve made a lot of big investments, but is there enough to make a huge difference? It’s a good start but we need to invest more . . . we’re making tremendous progress, so let’s look at the positive here to invest in our infrastructure.”

HB 4321, a mid-year supplemental spending bill, puts the total amount of additional road funding for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 at more than $800 million, the most state funds ever appropriated for road construction.

This story was published by SBAM.