ROYAL OAK – Social media expert Melih Oztalay from SmartFinds Marketing in Birmingham explains inbound marketing and social media marketing, website marketability, content marketing and much more in this edition of M2 TechCast.

In this podcast, Oztalay explains:

What is inbound marketing?

How Website Marketability, Content Marketing and Social Media

Marketing intersect.

Customer behavior has rapidly matured with the growth of the online world.

Customers access the Internet through a variety of different platforms and


Customers have abandoned a traditional buyer’s journey in the digital marketplace. They interact with brands through a series of high-intent touch points across multiple devices. Customers now guide the relationship!

Brands have to accept they need to be there to serve the customers on their terms…the brand no longer has control.

It’s about earned customers. It’s about earned traffic.

Reference 2016 Internet Trends Report about advertising no longer being


According to an advertising survey by Nielsen, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from other people over brand advertisements.

Brand Advocates & Influencers in Social Media Marketing

What are Brand Advocates? How do you find them?

What are social media Influencers? How do you find them?

Articles, News Releases, Press Releases, Powerpoint Presentations,

Images, Photos, Graphics, Infographics

What is your content strategy? What is your content message?

Understand how to distribute your visual content

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