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The Amazing Growth Of Crossovers, GM Stock Price, Autonomous Vehicle Hype

ROYAL OAK - The amazing shift in the American market from passenger cars to the crossover vehicles - today’s station wagon - is explained by auto guru David Cole. He also updates the listening audience on autonomous vehicle development and the five levels - where you can go to sleep in the back seat and

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David Cole: Vehicle Hacking, Electric Cars, Trump Auto Policies

ROYAL OAK - The danger of hackable cars is only accelerating, auto guru David Cole explains in this segment of M2 TechCast. The auto industry as taken a more proactive approach by hiring former black hat hackers to test its autonomous vehicle cyber security vulnerabilities, and many were found. Measure and countermeasure. The hacking game

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Auto Guru Cole Talks Future Of Electric Vehicles, CAFE, NAFTA, Autonomous Car Development

ROYAL OAK - What is the powertrain of the future? Will it be all electric? Hybrids? The answer is we don’t know the answer, Auto industry expert David Cole, chairman of Auto Harvest, explains in this edition of M2 TechCast. The battery remains the Achilles Heel for auto electrification, he said. A solid state battery

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Self-Driving Cars – Where Are They Taking Us?

DETROIT - Vince Chmielewski, the president and founder of Visual Compass of Ann Arbor (formerly VCWebdesign in Ypsilanti, MI), joins Internet Advisor to talk about the future of self-driving cars and the impact that they will have on our culture as well as our means of transportation.  What are some of the biggest changes coming and when will they hit?  Insurance,

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Talent, Talent, Talent Needed – Particularly Tech Talent – To Keep Michigan’s Auto Industry Growing

ROYAL OAK - Talent, talent, talent is what is needed to keep Michigan at the forefront of auto technology, David Cole, Chairman of Auto Harvest, said on this segment of M2 TechCast. Skilled trades and technicians, engineers with electro mechanical skills, are at the top of the list. Cole said the productivity improvements with the

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Auto Guru Cole Talks Auto Tech Talent Shortage, How To Retain Knowledge As Boomers Retire

ROYAL OAK - Auto guru David Cole provides his monthly auto tech update on M2 TechCast focusing on the talent crunch, and with the retirement of the Baby Boomers, how does the auto industry retain this knowledge? He also talks about how GM and Ford leads the world in autonomous-vehicle development. Cole also said the

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Auto Guru Cole Talks Autonomous Vehicles – How Michigan Leads Its Development

ROYAL OAK - World renown auto expert David Cole, Chairman of Auto Harvest, an Ann Arbor-based web-based innovation ecosystem focused on autos and manufacturing, talks about a study that rated the auto companies on how well they are doing in autonomous vehicle technology. Ford and GM were Nos. 1 and 2. Michigan is working hard

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