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A Dangerous Future: Climate Change, Michiganders’ Health

ANN ARBOR—As the world grows warmer and the region grows wetter, extreme heat and rain will cause more people to die or become ill—a costly burden in terms of lives lost and health care costs to the state of Michigan, a new report says. A University of Michigan study projects deaths and emergency department visits

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Air Traffic Control For Driverless Cars Could Speed Up Deployment

ANN ARBOR—Combining human and artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles could push driverless cars more quickly toward wide-scale adoption, University of Michigan researchers say. That’s the goal of a new project that relies on a technique called instantaneous crowdsourcing to provide a cost-effective, real-time remote backup for onboard autonomous systems without the need for a human

By |2019-02-07T21:07:35-05:00February 7th, 2019|Auto Tech, Autonomous Vehicles|

U-M Teach-Out Throughout February To Focus On Self-Driving Cars

ANN ARBOR - The race is on to get self-driving cars on the road, with Waymo, BMW and Volkswagen recently announcing plans to further invest and experiment with autonomous vehicle technology. Along with these headlines, however, are many unresolved considerations surrounding the technological, legal, societal and equitable implications of this potentially revolutionary advancement in mobility

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Michigan Ross MBA Wins PepsiCo Innovation Challenge, Headed to the Super Bowl

ANN ARBOR -Lauren Pfeiffer, MBA ‘19, will have a front-row seat at the biggest marketing and advertising event of the year when she attends Super Bowl LIII this week to experience the game and the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. Pfeiffer was one of just five students from across the country to win the PepsiCo Game Changers competition.

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Fusion Coolant Systems Raises $8 Million In Series C Round

CANTON - Fusion Coolant Systems, a University of Michigan spin off, has raised an $8 million Series C financing round led by Boston-based Material Impact and Michigan Capital Advisors, two venture capital firms. The money will be used to grow the company’s staff, operations, equipment and personnel. The round was also strongly supported by existing

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UM Develops Rechargeable Battery Technology To Extend Electric Vehicle Range

ANN ARBOR—A rechargeable battery technology developed at the University of Michigan could double the output of today’s lithium ion cells—drastically extending electric vehicle ranges and time between cell phone charges—without taking up any added space. By using a ceramic, solid-state electrolyte, engineers can harness the power of lithium metal batteries without the historic issues of

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UM Study: Exploding Stars Provide Blueprint For Creating Reliable Fusion Energy

ANN ARBOR - We study exploding stars in our quest to make reliable fusion energy a reality, but chances are we've been thinking about supernovae wrong. New research led by the University of Michigan shows that heat plays a significant role in the way materials mix during fusion reactions—a factor that has, to this point,

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UM Report: Temporary Hiccup Slowed Oakland County’s Job Growth In 2017

ANN ARBOR - The tempo of Oakland County's job growth moderated in 2017, but that slow down appears to represent a "temporary hiccup" before it picks up to a more robust pace similar to 2015 and 2016. Job growth for the next three years is forecast to average 1.9 percent per year or an increase

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Sexton To Head Tech Transfer At University of Michigan

ANN ARBOR - Kelly Sexton, an assistant vice chancellor at North Carolina State University, has been named associate vice president for research — technology transfer and innovation partnerships at the University of Michigan. Sexton will provide leadership for U-M’s innovation and technology transfer activities along with building partnerships with public and private entities that are

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May Mobility Testing Driverless Shuttles In Downtown Detroit

ANN ARBOR - While the Big Three automakers are still in the research and development phase, University of Michigan startup May Mobility already has tested its bright green-and-white driverless shuttles on public streets in downtown Detroit, and has ambitious plans for growth. The company recently licensed five autonomous driving-related technologies from U-M that will help

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