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Diva Tech Talk is a specialized communication channel highlighting women doing wonderful things in the technology arena. It was created to inform and inspire women of all ages to succeed in life missions that are technology-driven.

Diva Tech Talk’s Norton Schock Shares News On Detroit Demo Days, Detroit Startup Week, MCWT

ROYAL OAK - Diva Tech Talk co-founder Kathleen Norton Schock updates what’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and Diva Tech Talk. She also updates Detroit Startup Week, May 22 - 26 at the Masonic Temple. Registration is now open. Also an event is included for women entrepreneurs. What's more, Quicken Loans

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Loretta Yakima: Queen Of Multi-Tasking In IT

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was happy to interview Loretta Yakima, a multi-talented tech industry veteran, currently a senior project manager under contract at ZF TRW (www.zf.com ), simultaneously working as a consultant with Chrysalis Global Consulting (http://www.chrysalisglobal.com). Loretta credits her parents, who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, for all facets of her success. “They

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Kathleen Norton Schock Updates MCWT Calendar, Diva Tech Talk Podcasts

ROYAL OAK - What’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and with Diva Tech Talk? Kathleen Norton Schock appeared on M2 TechCast Feb. 27 to provide updates. One of the recent Diva Tech Talk podcasts featured Janet Tyler, now COO of Red Level Networks, after co-founding Airfoil Public Relations. She also updates

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Kim Kaminski: More Powerful Than What Scare You

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was honored to speak with Kimberly Kaminski, Vice President of Global Marketing for rapidly-growing TMaxSoft, a 20-year old worldwide software innovator focused on infrastructure and data modernization to support digital business. To listen, click on http://www.divatechtalk.com/blog/ep42

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Denise Mahoney: Building The Future Diverse Workforce At Kent County Technical Career Center

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was thrilled to chat with Dr. Denise Mahoney, the Pre-Apprentice Liaison for the Kent County Technical Career Center, based in the Kent County Intermediate School District. Her current work is funded by a U.S. Department of Labor grant obtained by Grand Rapids Community College in partnership with Macomb Community College

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Diva Tech Talk Interview With Girls In Technology Day Sponsor Logicalis

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was honored to be onsite at one of the largest Midwestern offices for Logicalis U.S., during its recent Girls in Technology Day. Logicalis (www.us.logicalis.com) is an international information technology solutions and managed services provider that designs, builds and supports enterprise technology solutions for customers throughout Europe, North and South America, and

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Red Level’s Tyler Discusses The Transformative Power Of Technology

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk interviewed Janet Tyler, Chief Operating Officer, at Red Level Networks, a Microsoft partner company. As a child, Janet admits that while she was drawn to math and science, she “was not particularly good at math and science.” But her early tech interest was fostered by her father who encouraged her,

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Diva Tech Talk: Domino’s Jennifer Pfaff – Running With Her Career In Focus 

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk interviewed Jennifer Pfaff, a woman with a rich history of technology leadership accomplishments.  Jennifer is now the Director of Store IT Services for Domino’s, a company averaging $2.3 billion in annual revenue, ranking as the 2nd largest franchisor of pizza retail outlets in the world. Jennifer’s 3 pieces of cogent

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Diva Tech Talk: Cindy Warner: Transforming The World Through Democratization Of Data

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was delighted to interview the fascinating Cindy Warner, whose rich, multi-level career and mission story is inspiring. In May 2016 she founded 360ofme, a website that gives consumers the ability to control their own data, have it with the, share it, and gain insights that will allow them to live

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Diva Tech Talk Episode 35: Visionary Ciaramitaro: Be Strategic About Your Future

TROY - Diva Tech Talk was thrilled to interview the versatile, and experienced Dr. Barbara Ciaramitaro, Chair of the Decision Science Department, and Director of the newly-expanded Cyber Security Center at Walsh College, in Michigan.  The college has also recently received an additional NSA designation as a center of academic excellence in cyber defense.  “A

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