An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a drone is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.

Ann Arbor Drone Inspection Company Cuts Deal With Offshore Wind Developer

ANN ARBOR — SkySpecs, the robotic drone inspection technology for the wind energy industry, announced it has  successfully automated the inspection of the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, at Burbo Bank Extension in the Irish Sea. The announcement was made with Ørsted, the Fredericia, Denmark-based developer of offshore wind farms. “Providing consistent image quality across

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Researchers Find Stolen Military Drone Secrets For Sale On Dark Web

WASHINGTON DC - Researchers from Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company, say they found a cache of sensitive military documents for sale on the dark web, including details on the US Air Force's MQ-9 Reaper drones, as well as training courses on tanks, survival and improvised explosive devices. A hacker had stolen the secret files by

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State Drone Bill Could Fly Away If Federal Government Acts On Drone Regs

LANSING - A bill package to restrict where recreational drone users can fly their gadgets was heard by the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, but many worry the federal government's delayed action on drone regulation might end up rendering state legislation all for naught. The package consists of SB 917, which would clarify who drone operators

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SkySpecs Releases Drone Wind Turbine Analytics, Management Software

ANN ARBOR — SkySpecs, a provider of drone systems for the wind energy industry, has announced a new product, Horizon, a wind turbine analytics and management software designed to provide insights and analytics that will support the goal of automating the analysis, creation, and execution of preventative maintenance programs on wind farms. SkySpecs will unveil

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Synchronized Drones Highlight 2018 Winter Olympic Ceremonies

ROYAL OAK - If you watched the Winter Olympic Ceremonies you saw how far drones have come. The show featured 1200 drones flown by a single pilot who used them to create a variety of images including the five interconnected Olympic rings. It’s the next evolution in commercial drones, DroneLaw.Pro’s Enrico Schaefer said in this

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Self-Flying Drone Knows Where You Are … Where You’re Going

SAN JOSE - A four-year-old autonomous drone startup founded by MIT researchers and backed by Silicon Valley’s top investors is finally ready to show off what it’s been building over the past several years. Today, Skydio is showcasing the R1, a drone that boasts what the startup calls “self-flying” capabilities. What this means is that the drone

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Drones Law Pro Update: You Must Register Your Hobby Drone Or Face Big Fines

ROYAL OAK - Drone Law Pro Enrico Schaefer updates what’s happening with drones - also called quadcopters - with federal legislation. The commercial market has solidified - part 107 rules - that mandate what you can and cannot do with commercial drones. The Federal Aviation Administration reversed its previous rule change and now again requires

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Technique Developed To Detect Drone Camera Illicitly Capturing Video

BEER-SHEVA, Israel – The first technique to detect a drone camera illicitly capturing video is revealed in a new study published by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev andBen-Gurion University cyber security researchers. The study addresses increasing concerns about the proliferation of drone use for personal and business applications and how it is impinging on privacy

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$99 Drone Powered By Intel, DJI Flight Technology

BEIJING - A Chinese startup called Ryze Tech is selling an affordable drone with technology from Intel and DJI. The $99 Tello is a tiny machine with a camera that can capture 360-degree video and stream live footage to a tablet, or to an unspecified selection of third-party VR headsets. It’s aimed at a young audience, and

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