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The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is the only statewide and state-based association that focuses solely on serving the needs of Michigan’s small business community. We have been successfully serving small businesses like yours in all 83 counties of Michigan since 1969. We’re located in Lansing, just one block from the Capitol.

The Business Impact Of 2018 Facebook News Feed Changes

LANSING - 2018 has been an interesting year for Facebook. Earlier this year, the company decided to drop a bomb and overhaul their popular News Feed feature, arguably the “heartbeat” of Facebook. Some marketers are viewing it as the News Feed Apocalypse, while others see it as a necessary evolution as the network continues to expand

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Cyber Risk Insurance – Does Your Company Have The Right Plan In Place?

LANSING - How does your company use technology in its day-to-day operations?  If you are like most, you buy and sell products or raw materials, intellectual property is stored on-line, you communicate with customers and vendors and promoting your business via social media are simply part of your day.  Unfortunately, each of these actions provides

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Study: Term-limits Failed To Deliver On Claims

LANSING - A Citizens Research Council of Michigan study claims the state's 1992 voter-initiated term-limits constitutional amendment has failed to broom out career politicians, increase diversity or make more elections competitive. However, term-limits leader Patrick Anderson said the term-limits amendment didn't advertise itself as a cure to many of the things the Wayne State University (WSU)

SBAM 2018 Annual Summit To Feature Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

LANSING - Registration is open for the Small Business Association of Michigan 2018 Annual Summit June 21 that will feature a gubernatorial candidate forum. But that's not all you can expect! The Summit also includes: Expanded small business expo hall Informative business owner panel discussions on timely topics Ample networking opportunities Fabulous items in a

Extra $175 Million for Roads Signed Into Law

LANSING - Surrounded by orange barrels, traffic work zone signs, Republican legislative leaders and an audience of road building advocates, Gov. Rick Snyder last week inked a $175 million budget bill with $160 million earmarked for immediate road repairs. Acknowledging that this was not a total fix, the Governor asked everyone to focus on the

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Emerging Tech Trends Business Leaders Should Be Monitoring

LANSING - Technology is changing at a rapid pace. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, the technologies available to today's business owners are nothing short of astounding. Understanding what is on the technological horizon is crucial if you want to get out ahead of tomorrow's tech trends. If you're a business leader who wants to

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State Of Manufacturing Tour Highlights Growth Of Jobs, Skills Needed

LANSING - When Jay Timmons took over as president and CEO of The National Association of Manufacturers' in 2011, many said manufacturing in the United States was dead, that factories and jobs were moving overseas and this country would have to shift to a service economy. Today he calls that notion "farcical." With growth in fields like

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Paid Sick Leave, Minimum Wage Shooting For Spring Signature Submittal

LANSING - The campaigns backing initiatives for paid sick leave and a minimum wage hike in Michigan both say they'll emerge from winter weather petitioning with ballot proposals to turn in this spring. Danielle Atkinson, spokesperson for MI Time to Care, said the group is aiming for "early spring" to turn in their signatures. The

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Snyder Order Asks For Better Broadband Plan By August 

LANSING - Gov. Rick Snyder pledged Monday to convene a panel dedicated to crafting a "comprehensive plan to improve access to broadband services." Snyder issued an executive order creating a "Michigan Consortium for Advanced Networks,” which will be charged with putting together such a plan by Aug. 1. The plan, according to the Governor's office,

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Clean MI Govt; Prevailing Wage Repeal; Pot Legalization Raise $1 Million Plus

LANSING - Three Michigan ballot committees have gathered more than $1 million in support based on today's campaign finance filings with another committee on the verge of hitting the $1 million milestone. The amount raised isn't necessarily a harbinger for success, however. The Clean Michigan Government drive to create a part-time Legislature has raised more than $1 million,