ANN ARBOR – Supported Intelligence on May 15 unveiled its voice-enabled artificial intelligence application at the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium.

The new application uses a “smart speaker” of the type that can be purchased for $100 or less and installed in homes and offices, and allows a user to conduct a short dialogue that solves a particular consumer decision problem. Look for its new voice-enabled application on the Alexa Marketplace.

“Supported Intelligence invented this breakthrough technology here in the Midwest, and we’re pleased to show it to investors and tech enthusiasts right here in our home state,” said Patrick L. Anderson, founder and executive chairman of Supported Intelligence.

Added Ervin Batka, Supported Intelligence lead developer: “We believe the future of AI lies in helping people, and we’re showing how it can be done. This easy-to-use consumer application is the first in a series of consumer friendly, helpful AI apps that we plan on licensing in the very near future.”

The company, a pioneer in innovative, usable, and consumer-friendly artificial intelligence, will present to investors in attendance on Wednesday morning May 16. More than 400 entrepreneurs, investment professionals and business executives are expected to attend the Symposium, which will be held May 15-16 at the Marriott Resort in Ypsilanti, Michigan. First held in 1981, MGCS is the region’s premier event for venture capitalists, and promising emerging-technology and high-growth companies.

“We’re very pleased to present at MGCS, a premier event founded in Michigan by a pioneer in entrepreneurial economy, David Brophy,” said Patrick Anderson.

“For nearly four decades, the Symposium has played an essential role in connecting the best and the brightest Midwest entrepreneurs with the investors they need to access new sources of funding to bring their businesses to the next level,” said David Brophy, Michigan Growth Capital Symposium founder and director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Venture Capital & Private Equity. “Once again, I am impressed by the caliber of companies that will be presenting at this year’s event, and we are glad to have Supported Intelligence join the ranks.”

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Supported Intelligence LLC develops, licenses, and markets innovative, usable, consumer-friendly artificial intelligence software. Their recently-patented software allows devices to accept human input and other data, recognize a decision problem faced by a human, and then solve the problem in a manner consistent with how humans normally approach these same problems. Their first consumer application, SmartBracket, was recognized by Forbes magazine two years in a row. Now, the company aims to revolutionize the Smart-Speaker Industry by allowing voice-enabled devices to provide genuinely useful decision advice to their users for a variety of personal and professional decisions.

For more information about Supported Intelligence, please visit, or see their consumer application at