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Shoptelligence Founder Khoury Talks AI-Interactive Style Platform

ROYAL OAK - Laura Khoury, CEO of Shoptelligence, explains her style discovery platform, which added in September its AI-powered Interactive Ensembles solution for apparel and furniture retailers. She is interviewed by Tember Shea, Portfolio Manager for Invest Detroit. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/shoptelligence-founder-khoury-talks-ai-interactive-style-platform

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Invest Detroit Client Ripple Science – Improving Recruitment Of Research Subjects

ROYAL OAK - Invest Detroit’s Tember Shea interviews Peter Falzon, CEO, Ripple Science, which improves the recruitment and management of research participants. Ripple is a web-based software solution and active registry that facilitates the recruitment and management of research participants for clinical, translational and social science studies. Built from the ground up by researchers for

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INFORUM Update: Spellbound Gets Net Patent For Augmented Reality Patient Care Product

ROYAL OAK - Tember Shea, Director of Inforum’s InGAGE program,  interviews Christina York from Spellbound who announced a new patent for her Augmented Reality patient care product. SpellBound uses the mobile devices (iOS and Android tablets and smartphones) hospitals already own to create therapeutic 3D experiences. Hospital staff and patients use SpellBound's tools with a

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PocketNest Fintech Startup Helps Investors Manage Their Financial Plans

ROYAL OAK - PocketNest is a Detroit-based fintech company built for people who are...people. Its mission is to demystify financial planning and equip you with the tools you need to manage your own financial plan - without anything slipping through the cracks. And we’ve got Founder and CEO Jessica Willis on M2 TechCast to explain

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Foodstand Mobile App Helps Turn Health Eating Habits Into Challenges

ROYAL OAK - Foodstand helps teams and individuals turn the basic principles of healthy eating into everyday habits through bite-sized, joyful Challenges via its platform and mobile app. Inforum’s Tember Shea, Director of the InGAGE program, interviews Founder and CEO Rachna Govani on M2 TechCast. Challenges are founded on basic good eating principles that apply

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DetroitFashionHackathon April 20-22 To Feature Fashion, Design, eCommerce

ROYAL OAK - Lori McColl is the founder of Whim Detroit, a technology consultancy that designs and implements leading edge digital platforms and operating models mobile apps supporting the future of how organizations will engage customers.  She tells her story to Tember Shea, Director of Inforum’s InGAGE program, on this segment of M2 TechCast. McColl

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Building Hugger, Practicing Historic Window Preservation In Downtown Detroit

ROYAL OAK - Amy Swift, founder of Building Hugger, who started her career as an architect doing sustainable designs. She left the corporate world to found a company that specializes in historic window restoration...and there are lot of old buildings downtown that can use her skills. Amy is interviewed on M2 TechCast by Tember Shea,

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Inforum’s InGAGE Interviews Vaugahn Industry’s Learning-On-The-Job CEO Novak

ROYAL OAK -  Inforum InGAGE’s Tember Shea interviewS Katie Novak, President and CEO, Vaugahn Industries that brings a unique approach to application problems in the car-wash industry. Novak is a current InGAGE student and an award winning entrepreneur. She took over the role of CEO from her deceased brother in 2014. To listen, click on

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InGAGE Interview: Spectalite Uses Bamboo Fiber Composites For Autos, Toys, Consumer Goods

ROYAL OAK - Inforum’s Tember Shea interviewed inGAGE Master Class participant Kylee Guenther, CEO of Spectalite, an advanced engineering materials supplier for bamboo fiber composites, suitable for making products such as Automotive Interiors, Houseware, Consumer products, Construction, Toys, Packaging, Sports and Recreation parts. Spectalite technologies use the incredible strength of bamboo to address some of the

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Inforum Tember Shea Tallies 2017 Successes Of inGAGE Women Entrepreneur Program

ROYAL OAK - Tember Shea, Director of the inGAGE program at Inforum, talks about the success experienced in 2017 by the program that helps train second stage women entrepreneurs running companies get them to $1 million in revenue or ready for an angel investor. Started in August 2012, inGAGE’s first seven cohorts have incorporated 38

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