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MUVE Offers Ride Sharing App For Disabled, Elderly Passengers

ROYAL OAK - MUVE Co-Founder Anthony Shannon talks about his ride sharing application, fully focused on providing specialized and wheelchair accessible transportation for the disabled and elderly. To learn more, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/episode-147-muve-ride-sharing-application-for-wheelchair-accessible-transportation

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M2 Techcast: 123Net Datacenter Now A Carrier Hotel

ROYAL OAK - What is a Carrier Hotel? Chuck Irvin, Director of Network Development for 123Net, the Southfield-based datacenter, explains in this segment of M2 Techcast. 123Net also hosts the Detroit Internet Exchange. To find out what he's talking about, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/episode-149-123nets-chuck-irvin-explains-how-his-datacenter-has-become-a-carrier-hotel

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IoT TechConnect 2, Cybersecurity Holiday eCommerce Safety, Tech248 Update, VR/AR Workshop For Manufacturers

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Monday, Rick Beckers from CloudTech1 will announce the details of IoT TechConnect 2 scheduled for April 2019. Cybersecurity experts Dan Lohrmann and Richard Stiennon will talk about how to safely perform Holiday online shopping. Greg Doyle from Tech248 will update what's happening with the Oakland County Tech Networking group.

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Diva Tech Talk, Michigan Council of Women In Technology

ROYAL OAK - Technologist Kathleen Norton Schock returns for her monthly update on M2 TechCast to talk about the latest interviews on her podcast, Diva Tech Talk, and what's happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Kathleen Norton Schock To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/episode-147-kathleen-norton-schock-1

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Detroit IT Startups Rule, Election Machine Security, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Courses

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Monday Nov. 5, at 2 pm Bob Lyscas from the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center will talk about manufacturing courses offered by the Center. At 2:15 pm Mike Balatzis, the Red Level Microsoft Solutions Manager, will discuss Digital Transformation. At 2:30 pm Dan Lohrmann, a cybersecurity expert, will discuss whether voting machines

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MCWT, Comcast Gigabit Broadband, Robofest, MUVE Ride Sharing App

ROYAL OAK - Kathleen Norton Schock makes her monthly appearance to talk Diva Tech Talk and Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Comcast’s Rob Ponto will talk about how the cable company has rolled outs its gigabit broadband service nationwide. Elmer Santos from Lawrence Technological University will provide details of Robofest. MUVE Co-Founder Anthony Shannon

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Invest Detroit Client Ripple Science – Improving Recruitment Of Research Subjects

ROYAL OAK - Invest Detroit’s Tember Shea interviews Peter Falzon, CEO, Ripple Science, which improves the recruitment and management of research participants. Ripple is a web-based software solution and active registry that facilitates the recruitment and management of research participants for clinical, translational and social science studies. Built from the ground up by researchers for

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State Of Cybersecurity: Stiennon Talks Russian Hackers, Embedded Spy Chips, Like War

ROYAL OAK – Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon returns on M2 TechCast to update the latest cybersecurity threats. Richard Stiennon  In this segment, Richard discusses: “LikeWar,” a new book by Peter Singer and Emerson Brooking The Department of Justice indictment of Russian GRU (military intelligence) hackers The Bloomberg report about embedded chips in Super Micro boards. 

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LTU Collaboratory’s Mission – Accelerate Growth Of SE Michigan Small Manufacturers, Hardware Entrepreneurs

ROYAL OAK - Dan Radomski, Director, LTU Collaboratory, talks about his mission to accelerate the growth of Southeast Michigan’s small manufacturers and hardware entrepreneurs by providing access to key resources specific to their unique needs. Dan Radomski  To learn more about the LTU Collaboratory, click on http://www.ltucollaboratory.com/ To listen to this podcast, click on https://soundcloud.com/internet-advisor-755109612/m2-techcast-episode-144-dan-radomski-director-ltu-collaboratory

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