22 Candidates On Michigan Presidential Primary Ballot

LANSING - Michigan Voters will have 22 candidates – 18 Democrats and four Republicans – to select from during the state's March 10 presidential primary, including the newest Democratic candidate former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. President Donald Trump headlines the Republican candidates in the race but has three competitors for the GOP nomination:

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State Agency Has Granted 41 Marijuana Prequalifications

LANSING - The Marijuana Regulatory Agency provided 41 applicants with prequalification status – the first step toward licensure – in the first week it has been accepting applications. In total, the state has received 58 prequalification applications and 43 applications for a state license. The state has received state license applications for Class B growers

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Michigan Attorney General Executes Search Warrant On Detroit IT Dept. In Duggan Investigation

LANSING - A spokesperson for Attorney General Dana Nessel confirmed Friday that a search warrant had been executed on Detroit's information technology department as part of an ongoing investigation into Mayor Mike Duggan and his involvement with the nonprofit Make Your Date. The execution of the warrant was first reported by the Detroit Free Press. Due to

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New UM study: Lake Huron A Crucial Part Of Controlling Toxic Lake Erie Algal Blooms

ANN ARBOR—A new study from the University of Michigan asserts that targets to reduce phosphorous outputs from the Detroit area to control toxic blooms of cyanobacteria in Lake Erie are unrealistic if the phosphorous inputs from Lake Huron aren’t controlled as well. In an effort to control the cyanobacteria blooms and dead zones that plague

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New Genetic Research Software From Genomenon

ANN ARBOR—The Ann Arbor-based genetic research software developer Genomenon Inc. announced the release of version 2.0 of its Mastermind software. The genomic search engine now includes the ability to search the entirety of the genomic literature by phenotypes (symptoms). This new functionality will further accelerate diagnosis of patients with genetic and rare diseases. Patients, particularly those with

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Holland Supply Chain Software Developer Launches Freight Market Index

HOLLAND—BluJay Solutions, a developer of supply chain software and services, has announced the launch of its Freight Market Index (FMI), a monthly report providing transportation market intelligence for shippers, carriers, and industry professionals. The FMI is comprised of key performance indicators derived from more than $18 billion in annualized freight under management transacting within BluJay’s Global Trade

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Canton Clinical Trial Software Provider Rolls Out Anonymization Tool

CANTON TWP.—TrialAssure, developers of clinical trial management software, announced a limited release of a new product, Anonymize R, a document anonymization software that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to protect patient privacy by automatically finding and removing personal information from text. TrialAssure’s newest addition to its transparency suite, Anonymize R, is

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UM Study Finds What People Want In An Autonomous Car

ANN ARBOR—Agreeable, conscientious and stable. These are three human personality traits that, it turns out, we want to see in our driverless cars regardless of whether we possess them ourselves, according to a new study from the University of Michigan. UM researchers set out to examine how a person’s perception of safety in an autonomous

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Top Programming Frameworks and Languages to Master for 2020

LONDON, United Kingdom - Coding is quickly becoming an essential skill in today’s modern world. You don’t have to work as a programmer to find coding useful as a skill. The different aspects of coding – including the logical thinking, problem-solving, and structured analysis – are skills that will help you perform well in other

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Enbridge Disputes AG Nessel’s Claim Taxpayers Could Pay For Oil Spill Cleanup

ANN ARBOR - Enbridge is disputing Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s suggestion that state taxpayers “could be left holding the bag” for cleanup costs if the Candadian-based company’s twin Line 5 oil and gas pipelines were to rupture in the Straits of Mackinac. “The bottom line is Enbridge will take full responsibility and pay for

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