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Digital Works Offers Training, Digital Literacy, Job Placement, Mentorship To Newaygo County

DETROIT - Stu Johnson, Vice President of Digital Works, joins the Internet Advisor to share an important event for citizens of Newaygo in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula north of Grand Rapids.  It is a great example of why it is so important to connect our rural communities to high speed Internet at reasonable cost points. Digital Works (DW) celebrated

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Teeniors: Teens and Seniors Tackling Tech

DETROIT - Trish Lopez is a young mother from New Mexico who decided that seniors, like her home, needed help keeping up with technology.  So she created Teeniors™ , tech-savvy teens and young adults who help seniors learn technology through one-on-one, personal tutoring.Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer – our goal is to empower you to connect

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“Unmanned Lighthouse” Heroes Become Victims

DETROIT - Sharma Krauskopf is the Executive Producer/Screenwriter of Lighthouse Unmanned, which began its life as a crowdfunding project that we announced three years ago on Internet Advisor.  The movie has finally launched and is currently being screened at a film festival in Toronto, Ont.  Sharma takeS us through how the Internet was used to bring

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Zeamster: Making Banking Secure Online

DETROIT - Kevin Shamoun, Founder and CEO and Erica Drozdowski, Director Client Integrations, join us in studio to tell the story of Zeamster.  This Novi based company came to Gary Baker’s attention at the Collision Conference recently where start ups meet interested venture capitalists.  This Michigan based software firm helps small to mid-sized business protect

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Michigan Internet Of Things Conference Set For October – Co-Hosted By MITechNews, CloudTech1

DETROIT - Rick Beckers of CloudTech1 and Mike Brennan of MiTechNews share their vision for IoT Tech Connect Conference.  The gathering planned for this October will highlight what’s happening with the Internet of Things market in Southeast Michigan, including autonomous vehicles, bio-agriculture, tourism and travel, biotech and life sciences, as well as efforts to develop the talent to

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The Bridge – Unique Commercialization Program For Startups

DETROIT - Alan Boehme, is the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Architect at the Coca-Cola Company and the visionary behind THE BRIDGE, a unique Commercialization Program for startups, acting as a bridge between the entrepreneurial community and major global markets including the US, Europe, Africa/Eurasia and the Pacific.  The vision began three years

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CyberSecurity Headlines: French Election Email Bomb…Computer Apps Eavesdropping…Two Factor Banking Hacked

DETROIT - Richard Stiennon is an internationally recognized security analyst and author with a sharp eye for security weaknesses and trends. He is the Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group, former industry analyst and author of There Will Be Cyberwar, a Washington Post Bestseller. He joined the Internet Advisor gang to talk about the biggest

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Agile And Beyond Conference May 4-5 – Teaching Businesses Agile Principles

DETROIT - Tom Churchwell and Jason Dinkelmann join us to promote Agile and Beyond Conference coming May 4-5 to Ypsilanti’s Eagle Crest Center.  Agile and Beyond is a grassroots, volunteer run conference. It helps people learn about agile principles and practices as well as covers topics that help make people and companies awesome. With approximately 100 sessions

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The Resume is Dead…Long live the Resume!

DETROIT - Steve Acho,  VP of Business Development  Solstice Consulting Group has the answer to the question: Why is technology recruiting broken and what to do about it?  He has developed staffing that cuts the time and effort of finding qualified candidates for IT jobs by 80 percent assuring hiring the right candidate with greater accuracy.  Resumes are so 2001;

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College Students Beat The Text Book Shell Game With Mobile App Book Cycle

DETROIT - Two Detroit students at Kalamazoo College got fed up with the typical school bookstore hustle: incredibly high costs at the beginning of the school semester followed by incredibly low prices on those same books when the semester is over.  Is there no way to beat this “shell game”? Kalamazoo College Juniors, Darryl Lewis

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